NeverLogOff 1.3.4

Keep a copy of the player online, great for rpgs or hunger games or just if you want pvp to be hard

  1. Pandaism
    UPDATE: Hey everyone sorry for making this plugin then randomly stopping development of it suddenly. Everything been extremely busy with me currently trying to balance: work, school and a social life. Everything is starting to settle down again for the time being and I proud to say I am working on NLO once again. I will be working on it from scratch and adding in pretty much all the feature everyone suggested. You can follow my progress @ I will update every night


    This plugin will keep a copy of the players on your server if they log off. The most important information stored is their armor, inventory, location and experience.

    - Citizens2 2.0.16

    - Save a copy of player when log off
    - Offline player will drop experience, inventory and armor
    - Random spawn for after the offline player is killed
    - Player logged in after the offline player is killed have the items removed similar to when they would die and respawn
    - Mobs can attack offline player (so be careful)
    - Seemingly compatible with other Citizens NPCs

    Camouflage Cream: Hold the Camouflage Cream when logging off will allow your offline npc hide more effectively

    - Citizens2 commands will work for the Offline NPCs


    In Progress
    Planned but not working on
    - Add AI so offline player can fight back
    - Adding Como Cream
    [+Melee Attack]
    [+ Ranged Attack]

    [+Weapon Damage Modifier]
    - Add AI so offline player can move around and do tasks
    - Add pickpocketing

    - Add configuration to set spawn and other things
    - Any other features that might be requested or I think is a good idea

    Bugs Found
    - None known as of now - I hope!!!!!

    If you run into any bug or questions please leave a comment or pm me. I will try and respond in a timely manner

    Change Log:
    Code (Text):

    1.0.0 - Initial Release
    1.1.1 - Bug fix to npc remain active
    - AI implemented
    - Offline Player now wear armor and wield weapon
    1.1.2 - Add damage modifiers for swords
    - Minor bug fixes
    1.1.3 - Mobs spawning should be fixed
    1.1.4 - Camouflage Cream now available to be made
    1.2 - Added AI for bow usage (line of sight, still being worked on along with proximity reset for both Melee and Ranged)
    - Fixed "Login" and changed to "Logging" in Camouflage Cream lore
    1.3 - Bug Fix
    - Combat AI's line of sight and navigation now implemented using similar AI as skeleton for range combat and zombie of melee combat
    1.3.1 - NPE bug fixed when npc dies
    1.3.3 - NPE bug for servers containing Denizen should be fixed
    - Damage modification bug against regular mobs fixed

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Recent Reviews

  1. SupernovaPK
    Version: 1.3.4
    Hello mi friend ^^
    I like you'r plugin, and i think you'r plugin can be batter that CombatLog, because you make the same mecanic like in the Rust game, and that is awesome, not at all things, but you reproduce it so nice.

    I have some things for you, you can use or not ^^ (hope yes :P)

    When the player loggout make the NPC, and when the npc die the player must lose his stuff, like in the normal pvploggers, but he must lose his stuff in any way, i mean if he pvp logged and disconected he create the npc and if that npc lose some hp, the player when reconected have that hp and if he dnt rejoin the server he just lose his things...

    More things x)... Its will be nice if you make a recipe config for the camuflage, cuz in some servers that recipe will be so easy to take,
    and in some other servers its can be soo dificult to get that recipe, so if you make a recipe config its will be great.

    Well i thing you need some staff like Permisions, ByPass and some commands? I dnt know x) hope i help you in some way ^^ well job, ckeep doing its like that and you will be a great plugin creator x)

    One thing more xD you need make Camuflage Permision, cuz in that case we can make vips, or donator ranks with that perms or not ^^ it will be great, thanks for listening me ^^

    PD: Sorry for mi English, im from spain and use Translater xD and this is mi skype: if you wana speack with me xD
    1. Pandaism
      Author's Response
      Hi there, thank you for the review. The funny thing is I've never played Rust xD
      I am trying to make fit permissions and a configuration file in at the moment however it have not been on my mind as much.
  2. lilblue
    Version: 1.0
    The effort gone into making this plugin was worth it. I haven't had any problems with it so far. Thanks!
  3. Mannke94
    Version: 1.0
    Nifty plugin. It does nothing new yet tho. They are "CombatLogger", who do the same job.
    However, I see the potential in this plugin, if you can manage to give those "Offline Players" an AI (take a look at citizens sentry) and various tasks. As example a player might be able to set messages his "NPC" is saying when another player is near.
    Iam definetly going to keep this plugin in mind, as Iam currently working on a RP-Server, which could use this feature. But in its current form, it bears no direct use to me.
    1. Pandaism
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the input, I thought of the plugin while playing with friends and we thought pvp and survival in it's current form was to easy. I also saw CombatLogger was abandon and outdated so I picked up the task and made this. I'll keep on working on this plugin because I did put a lot of work into it