New Amazing Lucky Blocks 2.7.0-BETA_27

A new incredible LuckyBlock plugin. Create your own outcomes

  1. The menu update (2.7.0-BETA_27)

    • A new reward type has been added: Sound Rewards (you can generate sounds with them)
    • The Ice Bow has been improved. Now, it will generate snow, it will freeze the water and it will solidify the lava. It will also extinguish the fire
    • Two new objects have been added: Multi Bow and Explosive Bow:
      Multi-Bow.png Explosive-Bow.png
      With the Multi Bow, you will be able to shoot multiple arrows at the same time and with the Explosive Bow, you will...
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  2. The AutoBow update (v2.6.0_26)

    • NewAmazingLuckyBlocks_legacy and NewAmazingLuckyBlocks_1.13 have been merged into a single version: NewAmazingLuckyBlocks. Besides, the code has been optimized.
    • Now you can use /nalb to use the commands (apart from /alb)
    • Added an option so that there is a certain probability that when you mine a block it would drop a LuckyBlock (thanks to Ask3r) (of course, this won't happen with already placed LuckyBlocks)
    • Added an option to the "/alb randomblock" command:...
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  3. The SuperWorlds update (v2.5.0-BETA)

    • Added the new worlds system:
      • It will add all your worlds to the list in the config automatically. If you create a new world or you delete someone, it will be added/deleted to/from the config too
      • Now, the worlds are in the next format: <world_name>";"<world_type>.
        <world_name> is the name of the world and <world_type> is 'n' (normal world), 's' (special world) or 'd' (disabled world)
      • By default, new worlds will be SPECIAL WORLDS. This can be changed by...
  4. The TAB-Completer update

    • Added TAB-Completer to all commands. If you write "/alb " and then you press the TAB key, a list of all available commands will appear. This also works with all subcommands
      However, this will only work with players that have the required permission:
      Code (YAML):
      : amazinglb.tabcompleter
    • Fixed a bug related to the FrostPathWand when looking to a block that was in the negative X axis.
    • Other bug fixes
  5. The RandomBlocks update

    • Improved RandomBlocks system: Now it works better (less lag)
    • Added a progress bar that will let you know how many LuckyBlocks are left to be placed. You can enable or disable it from the config
    • Now, you can stop the random LuckyBlocks placing task with the command "/alb randomblock stop"
    • Now, you will be able to remove LuckyBlocks using the command "/alb clear [world]". It will remove all LuckyBlocks of the normal world world. If no args are given,...
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  6. The PlayerTracker update

    • A new object has been added: The PlayerTracker
    • PlayerTracker.png
    • It will allow you to locate the nearest player to you and also, the distance in blocks from that player to you.
      You can configure the radius of the tracker and if the tracker checks about other entites, in addition to players
    • Added minecraft 1.15 support
    • Now, you can use the "/alb give" command without args in order to access to the GIVE MENU. In this menu, you'll be able to give...
  7. Minor bugfixes update

    There was a problem with the Frost Path Wand in the 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12 minecraft versions.
    Now, it is fixed
  8. The Frost Path Wand update

    • Now, you can change the load, enable and disable messages of the plugin
    • The DarkHole and the MiniVolcano events have been added to the outcomes list.
    • The MiniVolcano event has been improved:
      • Now, it has a pyramidal shape
      • You can change the base and the 'LAVA' materials
      • Besides, you can change the height
    • The IceBow has been improved:
      • Now, you can disable the arrow knockback
      • Now, you can enable the 'protect structures' option so...
  9. A customization update

    • Now, you can change the block radius of:
      • the Shield wand
      • the DragonBreath wand
      • the DarkHole
    • A protect mode for the Shield wand has been added. If this mode is enabled, blocks generated by the Shield wand won't replace any existing blocks
    • Now you can use numerical material IDs to select the Shield wand material and also, you can select the MaterialData (This only works in NewAmazingLuckyBLocks_legacy). For example:
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  10. The special-worlds update

    • Now you can use special worlds:
      Code (YAML):
      - world1
      - world2
      - world3
      - etc
      These worlds are worlds of SkyWars, EggWars, etc. That is, worlds that have to be reset every time.

    • Now you can use another type of reward in custom outcomes: Firework Rewards
    • Minor bug fixes