[New] [Best] CombatLogger 1.1

Stop PVP logging with ease. PVP Logging

  1. Vorqe
    Finally a lightweight and fast combat logger!
    ● Fully Customize Options
    ● Disable or Enable whole plugin

    ● Broadcast Combat Loggers
    ● Drop Inventory
    ● Combat Timer
    ● Warning messages

    ● Disable Death Messages
    ● Custom Prefix
    Smart Timer
    ● Private reload command

    - '/combatlogger reload'


    - 'combatlogger.reload'

    ● Effects
    ● Chest Inventory
    ● Set options via command(RELOAD ADDED)
    ● Vault Hook
    ● Punishments for logger

    How to install:

    1. Download resource
    2. Place the plugin in to the plugins folder in server files
    3. Start server and a folder will generate with a .config
    4. Change anything you like then save the file and restart or reload.
    5. Enjoy


    All future features will be fully customizable as like the current features.

Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fix + Command 'reload' added

Recent Reviews

  1. AmazingNetworks
    Version: 1.0
    Seems this plugin was coded in minutes. This plugin needs a lot of work then maybe it will be good. Also its buggy since it does not even trigger arrow shots. Good luck tho :D!
    1. Vorqe
      Author's Response
      The plugin work better than most I know about the arrows ill add that now