NEW GODS New Gods v2.3.3

This plugin allows players to make and worship gods.

  1. New Gods v2.3.3

    Added the option in the config to change the prayer points given when you pray
  2. New Gods v2.3.2

    Added an option to the config that lets only ops make new gods
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  3. New Gods v2.3.1

    I misspelled one of the sacrifices as ink sack instead of ink sac and it was causing bugs for people
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  4. New Gods v2.3.0

    Added the ability to blacklist offensive god names
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  5. New Gods v2.2.2

    Changed the config so it doesn't bug out
  6. New Gods v2.2.1

    * Updated for minecraft 1.3+
    * Removed a thingy that made the console say any entity that was killed
  7. New Gods v2.1.3

    *Updated the plugin.yml file to give more information on what permissions do
  8. New Gods v2.1.2

    *Gods now get angry faster
    *Gods only bless you with exp if you pray regularly to them
    *Updated the default config so it has more stuff to buy and more things to sacrifice
  9. New Gods v2.1.1

    Just updated one of the messages in the interface. It used to say you had to punch some thing to death to sacrifice it but now it says you can use a sword.
  10. New Gods v2.1.0

    New Features:
    * Updated the appearance to make it look nicer
    * Updated some of the messages
    * God colors now affect what color your priest symbol is