Newer Wand 1.1

Custom WorldEdit wand includes visual block guides.

  1. hockeymikey

    A watered down version of my first plugin, New Wand.

    I was personally looking around for a custom WorldEdit wand "wrapper" of sorts a few months back. There wasn't one then or now so I decided to make my own. Everything (mostly) is configurable inside including but not limited to, wand lore, display name, item used, plugin prefix.

    It also includes visual guide blocks to see where you are selecting. A fake block is placed on the locations of the right and left click of the selection, which too can be configured to your liking.

    It even has a setting for you to use it in survival worlds. Player won't be able to drop or remove the wand at all so it can only be used for selecting regions and won't mess with your server gameplay (such as your economy).
    Note: Does not protect from other plugins like shops (to my knowledge).

    Requires: WorldEdit, At least Java 7
    Two points selected

    Default Help menu

    newerwand.use: Player can use commands (/nw help and /nw) and wands.
    newerwand.admin: Can reload the plugin.

    : Gives the player a wand.
    /NW Help: Bring up help menu.
    /NW Reload: Reload the plugin configs.
    /NW About: Gives a little info on the creator.


    Code (Text):
    #NewerWand config, created by hockeymikey.
    #If screwed up reload config and startover.

    #Don't touch the version.
    Version: '1'

    #Root command to be used instead of /NW
    #Planned feature.
    #Root_Command: 'nw'

    #Prefix of the plugin used in messages
    Message_Prefix: '&d[&6NW&d] &6'

    #If true player can only have 1 wand at a time and wand can not be dropped,
    #given to other, thrown in a chest, ect.
    Survival_Wand: true

    #Item of the wand
    Wand_Item: '283'

    #Display name of the wand.
    Wand_Display_Name: '&3Magic Wand'

    #Lore for the Wand
        - '&bSuper Cool'
        - '&bMagic wand'

    #Data for the Left point block marker
    Left_Point_Block: '95:5'

    #Data for the Right point block marker
    Right_Point_Block: '95:10'

    #Message when plugin is reloaded.
    config-reloaded: '&cReloaded NewerWand!'

    #If player doesn't have permissions.
    no-permissions: '&cNo perms!'

    #Wrong command/incorrect syntax
    incorrect-usage: '&6Incorrect format.  Check &c/claim help&6 for help'

    #Message for giving a wand to a player
    given-a-wand: '&6Start by either right or left clicking on your first point.'

    #Help menu (/nw help)
    #If defining multiple messages, hover, ect. in a line and a unique number at the end.
    #For example - message1, message2, ect.
       - line:
         message: '&d&m-----------------------&r&d[&6 NW &d]&m-------------------------'
       - line:
         message: '&d/NW &7- &6Get a magic wand.'
         suggest: '/nw'
         hover: '&eUse to get a magic wand\n&eand select a region.'
       - line:
         message: '&4/NW Help &7- Gives you the help menu.'
         suggest: '/nw help'
         hover: '&eGives the help menu\n&ewhich you are looking at.'
       - line:
         message: '&4/NW Reload &7- Reloads the plugin configs'
         suggest: '/nw reload'
         hover: '&eReloads the plugin.'
       - line:
         message: '&4/NW About &7- Gives info about the plugin.'
         suggest: '/nw about'
         hover: '&eGives info about the\n&eplugin and the creator, hockeymikey.'
       - line:
         message: '&d&m-----------------------------------------------------'

    #If inventory is full and can't give the wand.
    Full-Inventory: 'Your inventory is full. Make room for the wand.'

    #Message sent when wand is removed.
    Wand_Removed_Message: 'Wand removed, selecting cancelled.'

    #Message if the player already has the wand
    Already-Have-Wand: 'You already have the magic wand!'

    #When plugin shuts down and player's claim guides are reverted back to default blocks
    Plugin_ShutDown_Cancel_Claiming: 'Claiming cancelled, plugin shutting down.'

    ## Left Point Set ##

        - line:
          message1: '&d[&6NW&d] '
          hover1: '&eClick to get help.'
          suggest: 'nw help'
          message2: '&6Left Point set.'
          hover2: '&eLeft point was set, can you see it?'

    ## Right Point Messages ##

        - line:
          message1: '&d[&6NW&d] '
          hover1: '&eClick to get help.'
          suggest: 'nw help'
          message2: '&6Right Point set.'
          hover2: '&eRight point was set, can you see it?'

    Multiline Messages
    A few messages support multiline. They support multiple lines of text and rich text elements. The few supported are:

    Suggest Command: suggest
    Open URL: website
    Run command: run
    Hover text: hover

    Note: If you use multiple elements in a single line, as seen in Right_Point_Message, you must include a tailing unique number for every element that is doubled up.


    Thank you @xDizasterCYx for making the logo.

    Paypal: [email protected]
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  1. Cancelling added, bug fixes

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  1. WormKid109
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome plugin. Configuration is very nice and simple. I love the way I can finally see what I selected.
    1. hockeymikey
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Let me know if there are any bugs you come across or features you want added.