News+ ⭐ 100% Customizable ⭐ News Pages in MC! 3.1.2

News in Minecraft!!! Inform your players when they join

  1. 3.1.2 Update

    3.1.2 Update

    • Added messages to /news items and /news books. messages added to /news items and /news books
    • Fixed more GUI bugs

    Note: You will need to delete news.yml and messages.yml
  2. 3.1.1 Update

    3.1.1 Update

    • Added /news items command. Shows all items in the items config

    • Fixed a lot of GUI bugs

    Note: You will need to delete news.yml and GUIs.yml
  3. 3.1.0 GUI Update

    3.1.0 GUI Update

    • Added /news getitem command. It gives you an item from the items config

    • Added /news addgui command. It adds a GUI to the GUIs config

    • Added the option to use commands when player clicks GUI. Now you can make certain slots in a gui execute a...
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  4. 3.0.2 Update

    3.0.2 Update

    • Added /news books command. It shows all books in the books config.

    Note: You will need to delete news.yml and GUIs.yml
  5. 3.0.1

    3.0.1 Settable[2] Update
    • Added /news additem command. Added /news additem <ItemName> command which adds an item that is in your hand to the items config

    Note: You will need to delete news.yml and Messages.yml
  6. 3.0.0 Comfortability Update

    3.0.0 Settable Update
    • Added /news remove command. Added /news remove <NewsPage> command which removes a specific news page

    • Added /news addbook command. Added /news addbook <BookName> command which adds a book that is in your hand to the books config

    • Added /news add command. Added /news add <NewsPage>...
  7. 2.2.3 Update

    2.2.3 Update

    • Fixed a MySQL bug. Fixed a bug where the plugin always tried to connect to MySQL on start-up

    • More stable Auto-Suggestions. Fixed sub-command Auto-Suggestions
  8. 2.2.2 AutoSuggest Update

    2.2.2 AutoSuggest Update

    • The command /latestnews is now /news latestnews. Command /latestnews moved to /news latestnews.

    • Added auto-suggestions for commands. Auto-Suggestions now added for News+ commands
  9. 2.2.1 Help Update

    2.2.1 Help Update

    • Added command /news help. With it you can now see all News+ commands
  10. 2.2 PlaceHolder Update

    2.2 PlaceHolder Update

    • Added PlaceHolderAPI support. Now you can use PAPI placeholders when configuring messages