NewsSystem (ENG/German) 2016-02-29

V 1.0 Made for DeinCraft

  1. Flintbeker
    Hello, today i wont to show you my new Plugin :)
    How does it work:
    You have a News in the BossBar and its showing up every 5Minutes! You can change this Time in the Config. You have 5 News. You can change everything in the Confing or with the Chat


    /setnews (News1-5) (NEWS) || Perm: news.set || Set the News
    /setnewstime (News) (TIME) || Perm: news.set || Set the Time a News show up in the BossBar
    setnewstime abstand (TIME) || Perm: news.set || Usage: set the delay between news

    All Messages are German at Time. If you want a English translation say it to me :)