NewSurvival Beta 1.08.1

A new way of playing survival

  1. biewers2
    **Note: This is a beta version. There may be bugs when playing. Contact plugin developer if any problems occur or if you have any suggestions for what to add to the plugin**


    New Survival is a plugin that changes the way some things work in vanilla survival Minecraft. The catch is, when something is changed for the better of the player, bad effects begin happening.
    **All %'s can be configured in the config.yml file**

    25 % chance the player shoots a flaming arrow when firing a bow.
    20% chance a skeleton shoots two arrows at once.

    When breaking a tree, leaves break in a 3x3 area around the broken log.
    5% chance leaves drop when broken or decaying.

    10% chance additional seeds will drop from tall grass.
    10% chance walking on grass will change it to dirt.

    Ability to make an instant-smelting furnace. **Experimental feature**
    10% chance smelted ore is lost in process.

    5% chance smooth stone drops from breaking stone.
    5% chance nothing drops from breaking stone.

    2% chance diamond drops from breaking coal ore.
    5% chance placing a torch sets you on fire.

    3% chance gold drops from netherrack.
    3% chance netherrack explodes.

    Ability to right click crops to harvest them (w/ automatic replant).

    20% chance dirt becomes untilled.

    In order to create an instant-smelting furnace, you need an iron block, gold block, and a furnace.

    Form the blocks in this style placing the furnace last:

    If you have any suggestions as to what could be added to the plugin, notify me, biewers2, the plugin developer via the discussion tab.