NewWorld: The seed 2020-09-26

All in One server experience improve tool

  1. CardenalOne
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    New World: The seed
    -!- I'm a native Spanish speaker so... Sorry for the bad English -!-
    -!- This is meant to be used with 1.16.2 ONLY, could be compatible with other versions if you disable Custom tablist -!-

    This is the all in one tool to improve your server experiences in multiple ways, some of the functions are here, and I'm going to expand it.
    I use to pre-show functions that are not alredy fully implemented, they will be crossed like this

    Xpanded Sever xperience:
    -NPCS (Teleport players, give items)
    -Custom tablist Editable with place holders
    -Friends system with squads
    -Chat like Destiny 2 (Multiple chats, depending in diferent condicions with multiple participants)
    -Ui for al the functions (ALMOST no comands needed)
    Improved Survival
    -NPC v2 (Npcs can sell player's items, getting them from a fixed chest,and giving the profits to another)
    -Land claiming to avoid PVP griefing
    -Volume recipes (Changes in some survival recipes to match volume)
    - One(X) people to sleep, just a fixed o percent of players needs to sleep to pass the day
    MMRPG motor
    -NPCS v2 (Give missions and history)
    -Events (Add some public events into the game)
    -Clans (Improve more the player experience)
    -Custom enemies

    Advance Description

    Xpanded Sever xperience:

    This plugin adds player-like NPCS with custom Skins. Depending in what modules are enabled, the NPCs will have more functions
    This NPCs are completely configurable, here are some of their options
    -Menu(Up to 2 deep menu with sell/give/teleport options with price)
    This is in a inventoy mode, so you can edit the size, title and add custom items using "KERNEL description"

    To create a npc you just put yourself where you want the npc to be, and look where you want the npc to look and make the next command

    /nw npc NameOfTheNpc

    And then re-login! And is done
    Then, to personalice your NPC, access to plugin files in plugins/NewWorld/npcdatabase/<Name of your npc>.yml
    This .yml file has all your NPC info. To understand how to modify and personalice NPC go to secction "Settingg up a REALLY custom NPC"

    !!!! Beware that mincraft has a 19 char limit for name, and the plugin alredy uses 3 of them in order to avoid bugs and easy identification
    !!!! If the customTablistModule is disbled, the npcs will be disabled, this is due some internal dependency to avoid NPC de-spawning

    !! I'm slowly making the description, is huge so be patient pliss UwU