ngVanish 2015-11-13

Per-Player vanish along with normal vanish

  1. superjack010
    A simple, lightweight plugin that allows for flawless vanishing! Want to only vanish to one specific player? Then this is the plugin for you!

    • /nv [playersname] - Vanishes you from that specific player!
    • /nv - Vanishes you from all players!
    • /ns - Unvanishes you to all players - or a single player
    Permission Nodes
    • ngVanish.nv - Gives access to /nv
    • ngVanish.ns - Gives access to /ns
    • ngVanish.bypass - Allows the player to see other vanished players
    Current features
    • Per-Player vanish
    • Lightweight vanish system
    • Vanish to all players
    • Ability to see other vanished players
    Planned Features
    None, Suggestions?

    Find an issues or need help? Post them in the comments.

Recent Reviews

  1. Cass
    Version: 2015-11-13
    Works perfectly, had no issues with it so far. A very useful thing for admins to have! Thank you very much! 5/5