NickAPI | Advanced NickAPI | 1.8 - 1.17 6.2

An api to nick player with a lot of features

  1. 6.1.1 Hotfix: Update-Checker issue

    * 6.1.1 Hotfix Update: Fixed an issue on UpdateChecker

    6.1 Information:
    Please delete your config.yml of NickAPI before installing this update.

    NickAPI v6.0.5 was pretty stable. But v6.1 will be definitely more stable.
    Please read the changelogs carefully. It is important to you what has been changed.
    Thanks to @HKNGLGN for helping and testing the beta versions of NickAPI with me.

    + NickAPI will check for updates now.
    + added isNickedName( String name ) which only checks if the specific name is a nicked name
    + added a possibility to teleport to nicked players. Take a look at the new config
    + completely rewritten tab-complete packet. You do not need to use #setGameProfileName anymore. Like above, take a look at the config.
    * the nicked names cannot be longer than 16 letters now. Otherwise all players could be kicked.
    * fixed an error that caused by listening to v1_12_R1 tabcomplete packet
    * fixed an error that #getNickedPlayers returns false values, when #setGameProfileName is not being used
    * improved code on #refreshPlayer
    * probably fixed an error that has been caused by pipeline if you stop the server
    *api::setGameProfileName() is deprecated now

    Information why this method is deprecated:

    The goal of NickAPI is not to change the identify of the player serverside. But sadly, we did add the #setGameProfileName() method to change the name serverside.
    The reason why we added this method is because of the tab-complete. By changing the name serverside, there was no problem with the tab-complete.
    In NickAPI 6.1 we did rewrite the tab-complete management and everything should work with tab-complete for nicked names without changing the names serverside. But nevertheless you should take a look at the config. There are 4 methods of tab-complete management.

    It is up to you if you want to change his name serverside, there you go. Use #setGameProfileName. But I'll recommend you not to do that anymore. If you still have problems with tab-complete, go to the config.yml and set the tab_complete entry to 0.

    For further questions and suggestions, feel free to join our discord server.
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