NickAPI | Advanced NickAPI | 1.8 - 1.17 6.2

An api to nick player with a lot of features

  1. Ton of bugfixes

    I really thought 6.1.2 would be a stable version with no bug reports yet. But then a lot of people came and reported me tons of bugs within 1 week. Wow.

    This update fixes a lot of possible occurable bugs with ViaVersions or NullPointerExceptions that could've let people kick from the server.
    After a lot of tests I hope this version didn't make cause new bugs. If so, please downgrade to 6.1.2 but this version should be stable.

    + added NotNull annotation
    * fixed an occurable NullPointerException in nickExists method
    * fixed an occurable NullPointerException in tab complete implement
    * fixed a race condition problem within nick management
    * Important: #refreshPlayer is limited now on 1 each nicking. This means you can't spam #refreshPlayer anymore.
    * Most important: After spamming #refreshPlayer the plugin ViaVersion has caused error and disconnected all of the players within the game. This bug has been fixed within the packet listener by creating new instances instead of using the current instances (made the code uglier but probably needed to do it because of ViaVersion translator)

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