NickAPIBungee 1.0

NickAPI compatibility for cracked servers

  1. Haoshoku
    NickAPIBungee is a BungeeCord plugin that allows player to receive their original skins when the server is supporting offline-players. Cracked servers need that otherwise nickname changing won't work.
    NickAPIBungee should be only used on cracked servers and NOT premium.

    It can be used as skinrestorer replacement.
    I recommend you to delete SkinRestorer if you do not need the commands there.


    Code (Text):
    # NickAPIBungee v1.0 for cracked servers
    # Use it only if you support cracked player
    # Join our discord:

      # The server automatically creates a fake uuid if the server is cracked. Even premium names do not keep their original uuid.
      # If you set it to true, the Mojang/MineTools API will be used to get the original uuid of player.
      # Usernames that do not belong to a minecraft account will still have their fake uuid.
      # I recommend you to activate it but most of your spigot plugins are probably using the uuid for saving the data.
      # You would lose your data, if you enable it!
      # Because of this the default setting is false
      premium_uuid_support: false
      # Set it to true if you want to use the Mojang API. You should know that it has a rate limit.
      # false means that it will use the MineTools API
      mojang_api: false
      # The read timeout while getting the data. If you have a lower internet connection, you should increate the value (in milliseconds)
      uuid_fetcher_read_timeout: 2000
      # Guava Cache: NickAPIBungee uses Google Guava for caching the received data from the website
      # You are able to set how long a cached uuid will take until it is gonna be removed (in minutes)
      guava_expire: 10