Nickname Request 0.10

A simple Nickname Request System - Making nicknaming easier!

    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Nickname Request Lite
    Nicknames made easy.
    Version v0.10

    Attention: This Plugin is Alpha, Expect possible bugs!
    But don't worry, I'm running this on a busy server, most
    issues will be worked out pretty quickly.
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    What is this plugin?
    Nickname Request is a standalone nickname system that allows users to have custom names in servers, It works with all plugins that use the standard Spigot Player Method getDisplayName() which most do.

    On Servers with a moderate amount of players staff may be constantly having to change nicknames for users upon request.

    Users simply request a nickname regardless of staff being online, When staff next join and approve/deny the nickname the user will be notified when they next join or instantly if they're online still.

    What makes it better than say, Essentials?
    Essentials has the basic /nick command for manually setting nicks, Not to mention its not possible to have the nickname "Off" without Essentials simply removing your nickname.

    This system allows setting a nickname to 'off', You don't require Essentials just for nicknames. Staff don't have to labouriously type out a nickname, colourcodes and all. Nicknames are shown to staff as they would appear in chat. Great for people who try and hide abuse or the Obfuscation formatting code among other colourcodes and letters.

    How do I configure this plugin?
    There's nothing much to configure. When you've changed your config restart your server. (Avoid /reload!)

    nick-format - What format should nicknames take internally, This is to emulate the format Essentials has where the prefix of the players group is added. See the config for all placeholders.

    What are the commands?
    All the commands have their respective permissions to control access to them, The commands are as follows:

    /nick request - Request a nickname
    /nick accept username - Accept a users nickname request.
    /nick deny username - Deny a users nickname request.
    /nick status - Check the status of your pending nickname request.
    /nick set [username] nickname - Change a users nickname or your own.
    /nick remove [username] - Remove a users nickname or your own.
    /nick cancel - Cancel your pending nickname request
    /nick list - List all pending nickname requests.
    /nick restrict username [time] - Restricts a users ability to request a nick
    /nick unrestrict username - Unrestricts a users ability to request a nick
    /nick info [username] - Checks nick info for yourself or another player

    What are the permissions?
    Here are the permissions and what they do:

    Access to /nick request

    Access to /nick accept

    Access to /nick deny

    Access to /nick status

    Access to /nick set

    Remove your own nickname via /nick remove

    Remove other users nicknames.

    Cancel your pending nickname request.

    Access to /nick list

    Anyone with this perm is alerted to new requests as well as accepted/denied requests.

    Allows access to /nick restrict and /nick unrestrict which enable or disable a users access to request a nickname
    Allows you to check your nick info, what nickname you have, if you've requested a nickname and if you're allowed to request a nickname
    Allows you to check other players nick info

    Formatting permissions:
    They're pretty easy to understand, refer to [this] wiki page for the actual colours the names belong to. All users by default are not allowed formatting. Add the formatting for each colour or formatting type you wish them to have.

    General Formatting:

    General Colours:

    Extra formatting:
    nicknamerequest.allow.spaces (Allows users to have spaces in nicknames)

    Known Bugs:
    Quite a handful probably, I'll be sure to update this list and patch them if they're brought to my attention

    • When permissions are modified Nicknames/Displaynames will not update to reflect group changes, prefix/suffix changes. The user must reconnect for this to be reapplied.
    • Unable to set another players nickname to a nickname with spaces via "/nick set username some nick" this results in the player taking the first word of the nick. For example "some" in this case.

    Existing Integration's:

    StaleAPI (
    If StaleAPI is installed on your server nicknames and pending requests will auto expire upon StaleAPI's command.

    Current Features:

      • Nickname Requests
      • Permission based formatting (control what a user can use)
      • Request cooldowns
      • Request restriction (Individually deny access, Timed if needed)
      • Custom language strings
      • MySQL and Flatfile support with data migration
      • Vault Support
      • StaleAPI Support
      • Interactive chat, accept/deny without a single command.
    Planned Features:
    • Better command syntax and messages about lacking permissions.
    Using alongside Essentials:
    Doing the following steps will disable Essentials' nicknames, this will also disable saved nicknames for users. They won't be lost. Essentials simply won't apply them.

    1. Open your Essentials configuration 'config.yml'
    2. Find "change-displayname" and set to false.
    3. Find "add-prefix-suffix" and set to false.
    4. Find "disabled-commands" and uncomment/add "- nick"
    Done, This will stop Essentials from modifying users names, allowing Nickname Request to deal with this.

    To further disable Essentials responding to nicknames, Open up commands.yml for Spigot/Paper/Bukkit and add

    - nicknamerequest:nick $1-

    Similar to this:

    Towny, TownyChat and Essentials:
    If you run a Towny server with TownyChat and Essentials but you use {modplayername} for the users Group Prefix and Nickname in the "ChatConfig.yml" you'll want to add {permprefix} or/and {permsuffix} accordingly.

    Feel free to leave suggestions, bug reports, error reports and such below or in the plugin discussion. I'll do my best to reply!

    But please don't forget,
    Nickname Request is currently in Alpha.
    Although its rather stable and contains the bare essentials for such a system, a lot more will be added as well as bug fixes and other patches.

    If you've made a plugin with the same name as this plugin, released before 12th May 2015, Please contact me and I'll willingly change my plugins name. Enjoy!

    Networks/Servers using NicknameRequest:
    Want your server name here?
    Drop your server name and its web address in the plugin discussion forum and I'll add it!

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    If my plugins useful to you why not donate?

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Recent Reviews

  1. SirGregg
    Version: 0.8
    Works just like it says. Good idea as well as awesome execution! Thanks for all the time you've put into this.
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the plugin :) Just let me know if you've got any improvement suggestions or issues!
  2. Sammo346
    Version: 0.8
    Fast and easy to install, cross-server nickname implementation works a charm. Took a tiny bit of fiddling to get other plugins with nick capability to back down, but was worth it.
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Glad to hear you've got it all working! If you've any suggestions or issues let me know on the discussions tab :)
  3. Antrox
    Version: 0.8
    Works great, a few bugs here and there at times, but they're so small, great plugin, especially when its free, 10/10 !
      Author's Response
      Good to hear, please report any bugs on the discussion tab, as well as any feature suggestions. I'll ensure I can do my best to solve your issues :)
  4. Maciejowski
    Version: 0.8
    Awesome plugin! I will use it on my freebuild server. Thanks so much for doing it. Have a nice day!
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! I hope you find the plugin useful :P Enjoy your day :)
  5. TylerK
    Version: 0.8
    This is a very simple/lightweight plugin but I don't understand why it wasn't made a year ago. The idea is so simplistic but it's so beneficial for my server allowing me to let donors have custom nicknames while still making sure they are PG.

    Thanks for this epic plugin!
      Author's Response
      Good to hear it's been of use to you. I created the plugin for that exact reason, that and having players have to tell staff their nick with colour codes was a nightmare. Not to mention it's not fun with 20+ players bugging staff daily for nicknames :P Feel free to suggest any features you can think of on the discussion tab :)
  6. Kenax
    Version: 0.8
    Nice plugin, thanks for making it!

    Enjoy the rest of the day! xD ..................................
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Feel free to get in touch if you ever need some help or have some suggestions!
  7. TheRedTwist
    Version: 0.8
    Great plugin, but have had some issues with pex when getting this plugin. It's great too stop donators from having inappropriate nicknames or ones that dont have anything to do with there real username
      Author's Response
      Hi TheRedTwist, thanks for the review. Could you let me know in the discussion tab what issues you had with the plugin and Pex? Thanks :)
  8. Emaltonator
    Version: 0.8
    Great plugin, thanks for creating it! You did a fantastic job! I am looking forward to more of them in the future!
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I hope you enjoy it, if you have any suggestions feel free to drop them in the discussion tab :)
  9. siemen6
    Version: 0.8
    Good plugin, But I'm running 1 1.7.10 server, can you add 1.7.10 support????????????????????????????
      Author's Response
      Hi Siemen6, Have you tried running older versions of Nickname Request? The newer versions only support 1.9+ I can look into adding 1.7 support though. Drop a message on the discussion tab to remind me and I'll look into it :)
  10. siemen6
    Version: 0.6
    Awesome plugin man! Good job!
    But could you add MySQL Support or made it for Bungeecord?????????????
      Author's Response
      MySQL Support is planned but I need to really get used to using MySQL in plugins. But don't worry it is planned.