Nickname Request 0.8

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  1. Player Nickname Access!?!

    I've been rather dormant lately with NicknameRequest, however I had the sudden idea for a feature I needed pretty badly.

    In this latest update you will be able to temporarily revoke a players access to request a nickname, their restriction can also be timed.

    The restriction feature works in a few different ways:
    You can permanently stop a player from requesting a nickname
    You can temporarily stop a player from requesting a nickname for a length of IRL time. For example disallowing a player from requesting a nickname for 48hrs
    You can automatically disallow a new player from requesting a nickname until they're manually unrestricted or disallow them for a short while. For example new players who join your server won't be allowed a nickname for a week since the time they joined.

    What commands or permissions does this add?
    It adds two commands /nick restrict and /nick unrestrict
    It adds one permission nicknamerequest.restrict (Access to the above commands)

    /nick restrict username [time]
    This allows you to restrict a user from requesting a nickname, to permanently restrict them until manually unrestricted you can simply do /nick restrict username to restrict them for a period of time you do /nick restrict username time, the time can take a few different formats. The time must be a single number followed by the unit of time. For example, you can restrict a user for 12 hours by using "12h" as the time, however you cannot use something like "60m 11h" or "60m11h" to do the same.

    /nick unrestrict username
    This is pretty simple, this command will lift any restrictions on the player with that username.

    This permission allows the user with it access to the restrict and unrestrict command. In future I may add a second one that allows only certain people with it access to add perm restrictions.

    What else has been added?
    Command cooldowns and the info command!

    You can now configure how long a user must wait until they can request another nickname again, as soon as a nickname is accepted or denied a timed restriction is applied to the user. The restriction will lift after the time you configure and allow them to request another nickname. The cooldown can be enabled or disabled for accepted or denied nicknames seperately.
    For example making denied users wait longer.

    In the configuration you will need to add:
    accept-cooldown: 60
    deny-cooldown: 120
    The cooldown is measured in seconds.

    /nick info [username]
    This command allows you to check your current nickname details. What nickname you have if any, whether you're restricted from requesting nicknames and for how long as well as whether you've currently requested a nickname.

    This permission allows access to /nick info for yourself only
    This permission allows access to /nick info for other players
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