Nickname Request 0.8

A simple Nickname Request System - Making nicknaming easier!

  1. MySQL Support and Spaces in Nicknames

    Finally the long awaited MySQL release is here!

    Version 0.8 brings the following changes:

    - Added MySQL Support
    - Added ability to import between databases (Flatfile and MySQL)
    - MySQL only connects for importing or as primary format.
    - Optimisation fixes (Removed a lot of HashMap calls)
    - Added support for spaces in nicknames with accompanied 'nicknamerequest.allow.spaces' permission
    - General code clean up here and there.

    For some reason I skipped 0.7, I'm not sure why.
    I released 0.7...
  2. Player Nickname Access!?!

    I've been rather dormant lately with NicknameRequest, however I had the sudden idea for a feature I needed pretty badly.

    In this latest update you will be able to temporarily revoke a players access to request a nickname, their restriction can also be timed.

    The restriction feature works in a few different ways:
    You can permanently stop a player from requesting a nickname
    You can temporarily stop a player from requesting a nickname for a length of IRL time. For example disallowing a player...
  3. Fixed NullPointer and added the ability to accept and deny nicks via chat.

    This update has been due for a long time. Apologies for not getting it done sooner!

    Whats sorted?
    - The nullPointer when denying a nickname has been fixed. Turned out it was a silly oversight in my code (Removing the request before I'd finished with it)

    - Clickable Accept and Deny text in chat. When a player requests a nickname, the notification text and /nick list text allows staff to click Accept or Deny to easily deal with requests. No more typing out usernames! Effortless!

  4. Updated issue with StaleAPI

    StaleAPI support was clunky and produced issues if StaleAPI wasn't present.
    Bad memory twinned with tiredness made me search the user data for usernames rather than UUID's when removing expired users.
  5. [IGNORE] This is NOT an update. Just fixing the resource page title.

    I forgot to change 0.2 to 0.3a .-.
  6. Added Rank/Group support, StaleAPI Support, Nickname Formats.

    Version 0.3 brings some great stuff!
    • Users groups show on /nick list (Requires Vault)
    • Nicknames can have formats, Allowing prefixes in display names similar to Essentials!
    • Staff wide notifications. Anyone with the Notify permission will be alerted when a nickname is accepted, who it was accepted by and who it belongs to.
  7. Formatting Controls & Less Debug Spam!

    Version 0.2 brings a new addition and a lot less spam.

    I've removed the spammy loading and saving information as it got a bit too much on large servers.

    I've added a total of 21 permissions in relation to formatting.
    By default users don't have access to any colours or formatting options.
    All permissions for formatting go with this template:


    Where [name] can be found here:

    So for bold...