Nicky 0.7

Simple SQL nickname plugin.

  1. Melonking
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Nicky lets you set a nickname. Its simple and solid and stores to SQL.

    Both MySQL and SQLite storage is supported.
    Allows for nick sync across servers with MySQL.
    Fully supports UUIDs.
    Color Nicknames.
    Updates Tablist
    Optional Join/Leave messages with nicknames

    Just drag and drop to your plugins.

    Essentials (And other plugin) Support:
    Essentials has inbuilt name formatting that will overwrite Nicky. You must disable this in order for Nicky to take effect.

    Many other chat plugins offer nickname features that may be conflicting with Nicky. If your name is not changing review their configs to disable this.

    Code (Text):
    () = Optional, <> = Required
    /nick (name) <nick> - Set a nickname.
    /delnick (name) - Deletes a nickname.
    /realname (search) - Check who owns a nickname.
    /nicky - Help and Reloads

    Code (Text):
    nicky.set - Lets a user set a nick.
    nicky.set.other - Lets a user set another users nick.
    nicky.del - Lets a user delete a nick.
    nicky.del.other - Lets a user delete another users nick.
    nicky.color - Lets a user use any chat formatting.
    nicky.color.normal - Lets a user have all colors in a nick.
    nicky.color.extra - Lets a user have all special formatting in a nick.
    nicky.color.<code> - Lets you set a particular color code (e.g. 1,2,c,a)
    nicky.noblacklist - Lets a user bypass the blacklist.
    nicky.realname - Access to /realname - (Default) Lets a user view the help
    nicky.reload - Reloads the Nicky config.

    You can reference Nicky in your plugins to set and retrieve nicknames. Simply include Nicky as a library and create a Nick Object. Example:
    Code (Text):
    //Make a Nick Object
    Nick nick = new Nick( player );

    //Get a Nickname
    String name = nick.get();
    //Set a Nickname
    nick.set( "Jimmy" );

Recent Reviews

  1. MC_Limited
    Version: 0.7
    Not working anymore with the new PlaceholderAPI. PlaceholderAPI can read the placeholder, but is useless for another plugins
  2. Xhermp
    Version: 0.7
    Sadly I can't rate this resource highly since it doesn't work... At all. The jar file does not launch in my server.
  3. SloPlays
    Version: 0.7
    I've got to say that this is the best NIckname resource out. It does not have loads of features, neither it it's intention to have them.

    It is simple, it support MySql, and on top of that, it works flawlessly. I'm using it for ~2 years I'd say and I don't remember having any issues with it.
  4. Resta2
    Version: 0.7
    you update this after 1 year, lmao.
    thank for good plugin. but names above head not change...
    1. Melonking
      Author's Response
      Changing tags has never been a feature of Nicky, its a chat plugin. I'm not aware of any easy way to do it without screwing up skins other than iTag and that was abandoned in 2016 :P
  5. realLinebeck
    Version: 0.6.9
    Does what it was designed to do. MySQL took a bit, but the plugin worked itself out after a couple restarts.
  6. BoltyDawg
    Version: 0.6.9
    Love this plugin, simple and works great. I tried some other nick name plugins before finding this one and they either didn't work well or had issues with their API. Thanks for making this!
    P.S. It might be a good idea to add in a feature to allow people to have their nickname come up on login rather than their realname. I did this myself using your API and it looks really good!
  7. Shadow.
    Version: 0.6.9
    Nice plugin, i love it, but it have a problem with essentials and deluxechat
    it change the nick name of the player, but it will not change it in essentials commands, i disabled essentials's nick name system but it doesn't work at all
    what should i do ?
  8. SloPlays
    Version: 0.6.9
    Great resource! The MySql just makes it top of top.
    And please remove that "iTag" link, because that resource is NOT working at all (on 1.9+ servers, you may want to mention that)

    Thank you for this resource!
  9. Humanded
    Version: 0.6.8
    Is the author still active? I have this but when I do /nick it says it's changed but doesn't change and doesn't seem to allow colour change? I use essentials and deluxe chat. Please help me fix this
    1. Melonking
      Author's Response
      Hi, essentials has its own nickname formatting, you need to disable that for Nicky to work. Id tell you the exact node but its been years since I used it!
  10. juancruzdallago
    Version: 0.6.8
    1. Melonking
      Author's Response
      I have managed to replicate this, its not game breaking and only happens once, so don't worry about it :P