NiftyBukkit 3.4.2

Allows you to easily/efficiently make use of many features seen in other plugins when coding.

  1. CraftedFury
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Brian Graham (CraftedFury), Sotiris Christ (GoldenWarrior)

    Notice: This API offers many features of which are currently under heavy development, and as such anything that is currently undocumented is not guaranteed to have the same class methods or parameters in the future.

    • Database (Documented)
      • Easy to use SQL implementations
        • MySQL
        • PostgreSQL
        • SQL Server
      • Instant Notifications! - Easily make cross-server updates available with this feature!
      • Database Pooling! - Built into the SQL factory classes, this makes sure you efficiently make use of your SQL server, without overloading it across different server instances.
    • Holograms (Under Development)
    • HTTP
      • Let's you send GET/POST requests.
    • Fake Inventories
      • Supports auto-centering or slot-specific items.
      • Easily create fake player inventories and listen for Open, Close and Click events within the inventory.
      • Also specify an item to be given to a player to launch inventory, or used to run a command.
    • Item Database
      • A more reliable way to spawn ItemStacks.
      • Item List Parsing! - Easily convert a string of items with range support for both ids and data values, see below:
        • 0,1,3,4,5,7,8
        • 0,1,[3-5],7,8
        • 0,1,2,3,373:[16710,16711]
        • 0,1,2,3,373:[0-10000]
    • Minecraft Generalized Classes
      • BukkitHelper
        • Has some general methods that help you determine:
          • If a CommandSender is console or player.
          • Get plugin.yml information.
          • Check CommandSender permissions (multiple strings, easier to look at).
          • A method to find a player based on player name.
      • BukkitCommand (Documented)
        • Helps to easily manage a command for your plugin with methods to do much of the complicated work.
        • Automatically registers your command, so you don't have to!
        • Custom Usages! - Easily create custom usage messages based on argument position or alias when command in submitted and help is requested by the user (help or ?) or the syntax is incorrect.
        • Automatically check if user has permissions to execute command (optionally disabled).
        • Force command to work only for Console or Players.
        • Set minimum (default 1) or maximum (default -1 / off) argument length, to ensure accurate command execution.
        • Force command to work only when detecting BungeeCord.
      • BukkitListener
        • Automatically registers your listener, so you don't have to!
    • Bukkit <-> Bungee Communication (Documentation Coming Soon)
      • This plugin automatically handles common communication available from BungeeCord and maintains an accurate, real-time list of servers across your network.
      • Custom Events!
        • When this plugin caches another server located on your network, it will call a BungeeServerLoadedEvent.
        • When this plugin first loads all detected servers, it will call a BungeeLoadedEvent (only once). You can use this to cache bungee information of your own.
        • When a player joins or leaves any server on your network, this plugin calls a BungeePlayerJoinEvent or BungeePlayerLeaveEvent, respectively.
      • When a server is detected as shutting down (when the last player leaves) or when the first player joins, all other servers will recache that servers information. This allows for on-the-go server detection.
    • Server Pinging
      • Offers a simple way to ping any server and review the returned information in a listener.
    • Profile Repository (Documented)
      • Easily locate a players UUID by their name and vice-versa!
      • Complies with the Mojang API rate limit.
      • BungeeCord Support! - If your servers are running behind BungeeCord, it will automatically search all your servers for the player you are looking for, before querying Mojang.
    • Reflection (Documentation Coming Soon)
      • Easily create instances of minecraft-specific or any class without importing the class yourself, keeping your code working across all minecraft versions.
    • Sign Monitoring (Documented)
      • Easily monitor and modify signs for use in mini-games, server selection signs, etc.:
        • Break
        • Create
        • Interact
        • Update
    • Utilities (Documented)
      • Concurrent Lists/Sets using atomic reference, maintaining the original method speed of contains, add and remove.
      • Google GSON
      • Classes that make tasks you do all the time easier, and more generalized.
    • Yaml(er)
      • This is a customized version of the original yamler plugin that makes use of classes found in this plugin
      • Less required files, custom bug fixes and more features

    Regarding Documentation - It is a long ways away, I will slowly add example code to this post for each feature later.

    • ItemDatabase original code by Essentials
    • Yamler original code by @geNAZt

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