NiftyBukkit 3.4.2

Allows you to easily/efficiently make use of many features seen in other plugins when coding.

  1. Updates & Bugfixes

    • Fixed offline server username lookup / removal checks
    • Created an EnchantmentDatabase
    • ItemData now extends ItemStack and fixes problems with hasItemMeta, getItemMeta and getItemMeta#hasLore
    • SignMonitor once again supports 1.7.10 (and still 1.8+)
    • ItemData#setGlow now supports 1.7.10 through 1.8.3+
    • Http updates:
      • New HttpStatus class with mapped out http codes
      • New HttpState class with appropriate code -> state checks
      • HttpClient is now instance-based, no more static methods
      • HttpClient#get and HttpClient#post now return a new HttpResponse class
      • New HttpResponse class offers ability to check the returned HttpStatus and HttpBody
      • HttpClient methods now throw a new HttpConnectionException if a code of 400 or higher is detected (client or server error)
    • MojangProfile updates:
      • New getSkull method that returns an ItemStack of the players head
      • New isLegacy that tells you if the account is unmigrated
      • New isDemo that tells you if the account is registered but unpaid
    • MojangRepository now has more intuitive exceptions for better developer handling and error messages
    • When checking with isConsole or isPlayer on a sender or name, it now uses the bukkit console sender to ensure that overridden console names are supported
    • Bungee and Player events now only offer the BungeeServer and MojangProfile methods
    • Now uses the StandardCharsets class to better support UTF-8 on different systems
    • Renamed MojangPlayer's isOnline method to isOnlineAnywhere and addedisOnlineLocally
    • You can now created an instance of TitleManager without a title
    • ItemDatabase and EnchantDatabase are instantiated last incase they fail
    • Fixed sending TitleManager Subtitle packet
    • FakeInventory now has a way to see who is viewing an inventory, and who is interacting with the inventory
    • Removed EntityFinder library
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