NiftyBukkit 3.4.2

Allows you to easily/efficiently make use of many features seen in other plugins when coding.

  1. Bugfixes

    • Global Feature: When using this plugin, Mac (invisible/intrusive) special characters (0xF700 -> 0xF747) are stripped from sign text.
    • Plugin Feature: When using this plugin, anything using BukkitLogger or RegexUtil.replaceColor will have the color and formatting codes sorted to properly display on a users client.
    • ItemDatabase / EnchantmentDatabase
      • Updated item list.
      • Added ability to grab the primary names of items and enchantments.
    • SignMonitor
      • Keys are now compared in lowercase. Regardless of what case [yOUr KeY] is, it will still match properly.
      • When cancelling a SignCreateEvent, it now destroys the sign and returns it (if not in creative).
      • When a SignInteractEvent is not cancelled, it sends out a SignUpdateEvent.
      • No longer sends out a PlayerInteractEvent if a player left clicks a block in creative mode.
      • No longer resets sign information after a SignBreakEvent if it's not cancelled.
      • No longer registers random signs before checking if they're valid (lol?...)
    • NiftyCore
      • Config
        • You can now get the file name (with and without extension) as well as the absolute path for Configs.
        • The List converter no longer causes a ClassCastException when inside a type of Map.
        • Fixed first load when checking for MySQL.
        • Added SQLite support.
      • MojangRepository
        • Fixed reversed size checks when querying Mojang API (only previous version).
        • ProfileNotFoundException messages are now colorized.
      • MinecraftScheduler
        • Now correctly gets the task id.
        • The methods repeat and repeatAsync now do what they should have.
        • If values for delay and/or period are passed below zero, they reset to zero.
      • Added the escapeUnicode method to escape unicode characters in strings to StringUtil.
      • Added comparators for sorting. The LengthComparator sorts a collection of strings by their length and the LastCharComparator sorts a collection of strings by their last character.
    • General
      • BukkitMojangCache now takes a super class of BukkitMojangProfile.
      • TitleManager now uses the fadeOutTime value.
      • BukkitMojangProfile#getServer() now returns a BungeeServer.
      • Added a Location utility. This can be used to convert a yaw value to BlockFace or level, center and/or straighten a Location value.
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