NiftyBukkit 3.4.2

Allows you to easily/efficiently make use of many features seen in other plugins when coding.

  1. Bugfixes

    • Global Feature: When using this plugin, Mac (invisible/intrusive) special characters (0xF700 -> 0xF747) are stripped from sign text.
    • Plugin Feature: When using this plugin, anything using BukkitLogger or RegexUtil.replaceColor will have the color and formatting codes sorted to properly display on a users client.
    • ItemDatabase / EnchantmentDatabase
      • Updated item list.
      • Added ability to grab the primary names of items and enchantments.
  2. Maven Update & Bugfixes

    • Compatibility
      • Continues to support 1.7.10 through 1.8.x!
      • Requires NiftyBungee 2.0.0 or greater!
      • GSON has been shaded into NiftyCore to for easier backwards compatibility.
    • Experimental Sockets (Currently Unavailable).
      • Automatic bungee detection.
      • Takes over as primary Plugin Message handler (when using this plugin for Plugin Messages).
      • New SocketWrapper class...
  3. Updates & Bugfixes

    • Fixed offline server username lookup / removal checks
    • Created an EnchantmentDatabase
    • ItemData now extends ItemStack and fixes problems with hasItemMeta, getItemMeta and getItemMeta#hasLore
    • SignMonitor once again supports 1.7.10 (and still 1.8+)
    • ItemData#setGlow now supports 1.7.10 through 1.8.3+
    • Http updates:
      • New HttpStatus class with mapped...
  4. Fixes Cache Clear

    • When the last player leaves, reset the cached bungeecord online mode and detected status so that features relying on these default back to non-bungee state
  5. Fixes InetSocketAddress

    • Fixed BungeeServer#equals and BungeeServer#isCurrentServer to use forced ip address and not a possible hostname / subdomain
    • Resolves the hostname, just incase, in order to determine the ip address
  6. Massive Feature Update, Database Improvements and Bugfixes

    • Continues to support 1.7.10 through 1.8.x
    • Database
      • Added new asynchronous methods for executing queries and are being used throughout this package where applicable (These will not fire any exception, so make sure your code works before running it asynchronously)
      • Added new VoidResultCallback that's required when running an asynchronous query
      • Added new checkTableExists, checkColumnExists and getIdentifierQuoteString...
  7. Massive Updates, New Features and Documentation

    • Finished BukkitCommand documentation
    • Added custom events to FakeInventory
    • FakeInventory now mostly complete, FakeInventoryListener now uses custom events
    • Added support for non-minecraft reflection
    • Player information now sent from NiftyBungee as comma-separated string to future-proof further updates
    • Added a hasPermissions method to BukkitHelper that takes a MojangProfile, kept...
  8. SQL Bugfixes

    • databaseListener argument is now final
    • Fixed createTrigger - IMPORTANT
    • Added set checking methods to ListUtil
  9. New Features + Updates + Bugfixes

    • Added PostgreSQL wrapper
    • Added Microsoft SQL wrapper
    • Store BukkitTask id instead of entire task
    • Rewrote SignMonitor to support 1.8 and future-proofed some code
    • SignMonitor does not support JSON as of yet
    • Finished documenting all classes in database package (SQL)
    • Documented all classes in Sign package (SignMonitor)
    • Documented all classes in mojang package...
  10. Rewritten and Documented SQL, Bugfixes

    • Made ListUtil methods generic
    • Added belongsTo and getPlayer methods to MojangProfile
    • When BungeeCord is not detected, use OfflinePlayer cache instead of only online players
    • Throw better explained exceptions when unable to find a users MojangProfile
    • Enabled AIR material in ItemDatabase
    • Fixed name change support
    • SQL
      • ConnectionFactory and ConnectionPool have been renamed to SQLFactory and SQLPooling, respectively
      • Notifications have been separated into...
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