NiftyBungee 2.0.1

The BungeeCord helper plugin of NiftyBukkit.

  1. Efficient Cache Updates + Bugfixes

    • Rewrote how the entire plugin manages pings, now uses significantly less CPU and impeccable accuracy when to begin pinging after completing the previous updates
    • Added a BukkitPing alternative (only for testing atm)
    • Don't skip sending status update when the tested server has players
    • Intercepts possible console spam (command not found and read time out)
    • Sends BungeeCord online status every fresh cache update (server gets its first player)
    • Send player and server info as json
    • Moved write and read VarInt to DataUtil, added writeString and
      writeByteArray and new input/output stream readers/writers to DataUtil
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