NiftyBungee 2.0.1

The BungeeCord helper plugin of NiftyBukkit.

  1. Bugfixes

    • NiftyCore
      • Config
        • You can now get the file name (with and without extension) as well as the absolute path for Configs.
        • The List converter no longer causes a ClassCastException when inside a type of Map.
        • Fixed first load when checking for MySQL.
        • Added SQLite support.
      • MojangRepository
        • Fixed reversed size checks when querying Mojang API (only previous version).
        • ProfileNotFoundException messages are now colorized.
  2. Maven Update & Bugfixes

    • Compatibility
      • Requires NiftyBukkit 3.4.0 or greater!
      • GSON has been shaded into NiftyCore to for easier backwards compatibility.
    • Experimental Sockets (Currently Unavailable).
      • Automatic bukkit server detection.
      • Takes over as primary Plugin Message handler (when using this plugin for Plugin Messages and replying to NiftyBukkit).
    • Maven Changes
      • A new project called NiftyCore...
  3. Efficient Cache Updates + Bugfixes

    • Rewrote how the entire plugin manages pings, now uses significantly less CPU and impeccable accuracy when to begin pinging after completing the previous updates
    • Added a BukkitPing alternative (only for testing atm)
    • Don't skip sending status update when the tested server has players
    • Intercepts possible console spam (command not found and read time out)
    • Sends BungeeCord online status every fresh cache update (server gets its first player)
    • Send player and server info...
  4. Bugfixes and Updates

    • Added all my utility classes
    • Send player ip and port to NiftyBukkit
    • Send all player information as comma-separated string
    • Centralize player information to be sent for future-proofing
  5. Cache Fix

    • Now sends the proper count value for loading players on first server load/reload
  6. Minecraft 1.8 + Rewrite

    • Requires NiftyBukkit 3.3.0 or later!
    • Replace ServerOffline notification with ServerInfo
    • Use actual player list and not sample list
    • Send pings every 5 sseconds to update server information but not players
    • Properly handle reload and server restart
  7. Minor changes, no update required

    • Remove test console output
    • Add ByteUtil class documentation
    • Added method comments for explanation
  8. Online Server Check Fixes

    • Fixed player count checks before sending plugin messages