Night Vision 1.1

Easy Night Vision effect with a single command!

  1. AroByte
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Night Vision

    This is a simple plugin that allows you to easily enable or disable Night Vision Effect. This may be useful for building and decorating places, that way you can see in the dark easily without drinking or throwing Night Vision potions. Also all the messages are configurable! If you have any suggestion or feature request feel free to leave it on this plugin's discussion and I will try to do my best to make you like this plugin! :D

    • /nightvision - Enable or Disable Night Vision Effect. (You can also use /nv as it's an alias).


    • nightvision.use - Allows the player to use this plugin. Default: false


    • Drop NightVision.jar in your server's plugin folder.
    • Start using this plugin! :D
    • Latest Spigot.jar (Was compiled with lastest Spigot 1.8.8 jar, but should work with any spigot version above than 1.8)
    • Java 1.8 (May add support for Java 7 if you guys request)


    Code (Text):
    #  +------------------------------------------------------+
    #  |                                                      |
    #  |                NightVision by RafaAro                |
    #  | Easily enable / disable Night Vision with a command! |
    #  |  If you like this plugin please rate it on Spigot :) |
    #  |                                                      |
    #  +------------------------------------------------------+
      Enable Effect: '&aNight Vision enabled!'
      Disable Effect: '&aNight Vision disabled!'
      No Permission: '&4You dont have permissions for this'
    Future Updates:

    • None yet, suggest new features on this plugin's discussion! :D

Recent Updates

  1. 1.8 support
  2. Updated to Spigot 1.9
  3. Bug Fixes