NightVision 2.0.0

Toggle NightVision w/ Milk Bypass & /heal PotionEffects Bypass)

  1. Version 2.0.0 Update

    Cleaned-up/Reformatted most of the code.

    Added: Possibility to configure which PotionEffects bypass the /heal command.
    Removed: NMS, Repetitive Code, Old Formatting
  2. Version 1.6.1 Update

    Fixed heal, so it restores to full hearts when using plugins that give you extra hearts.
  3. Version 1.6 Update

    Created NMS system instead of old system.

    Config.yml remodel. Made simpler to understand.
  4. Version 1.5 Update

    Credit to an Anonymous Person for helping me come across these things.

    Fixed /nv reload to reload both "messages.yml" and "config.yml" instead of just the "config.yml" file.

    Added two bypass configurations for nightvision itself or all potion effects to the /heal command from essentials.

    Renamed most things in messages.yml as well as added some.

    Added nodes: nv.heal and nv.heal.others to the plugin.