NineIron 1.2

Launch throwables using enchanted tools in a vanilla-like fashion!

  1. Xiione
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    NOTE: I am no longer maintaining this resource. However, its source code is free to download and modify from the repository above.

    NineIron lets players launch throwable items further and harder with the use of an enchanted tool. Watch a short video demo!


    • Full plugin support for versions 1.13 through 1.14.4!
    • Support for all throwable items (snowballs, ender pearls, potions)
    • Customizable tool material(s)
    • Customizable enchantment checks (toggleable in configuration)
    • Customizable projectile launch sounds and particles (toggleable in configuration)
    • ... and much more coming soon! If you'd like to suggest a feature, post to the resource discussion thread or submit a pull request on Github.
    Code (YAML):

    #Should the plugin check for a newer version on enable?
    #Players with the proper permissions will be notified on join.
    : true

    ## NineIron Config ##

    #What items should be allowed to be used as a Nine Iron?
    #Values must be Materials.
    #Find the Spigot material enums here:
     - "WOODEN_AXE"
      - "STONE_AXE"
      - "IRON_AXE"
      - "GOLDEN_AXE"
      - "DIAMOND_AXE"

    #Should an enchantment be checked for to let an item with the correct material launch projectiles?
    : true

    #What enchantment should be checked for to let an item with the correct material launch projectiles?
    #Find the Spigot enchantment enums here:
    #Only applies if check-enchantment is true.

    #By default, how strong should the projectile launch be?
    #Only applies if check-enchantment is false.
    : 1

    #How long should the delay between right-clicking and the actual launch of the projectile be, in ticks?
    : 10

    #Should particles be spawned at the location of the player when a projectile is launched?
    : true

    #How much durability should be taken on projectile launch?
    #Must be equal to or greater than 0.
    : 2

    #Should players be allowed to launch x projectile?
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true

    #What sounds should each projectile type play when launched?
    #Use the following format: "SOUND_ENUM-VOLUME-PITCH"
    #Find the Spigot sound enums here:
    #Set volume to 0 to disable.
    : "BLOCK_SNOW_BREAK-1.0-1.0"
    : "BLOCK_STONE_HIT-1.0-1.0"
    : "ENTITY_ENDER_EYE_DEATH-1.0-1.0"
    : "BLOCK_GLASS_HIT-1.0-1.0"
    : "BLOCK_GLASS_HIT-1.0-1.0"

    /nineiron - Show plugin info and subcommands.
    /nineiron help - Show all command usages.
    /nineiron reload - Reload the plugin configuration.

    convenienchant.admin - Access to all of the above commands. (Default: OP)
    nineiron.notifyupdate - Be notified of new versions of NineIron on join. (Default: OP)

    Server version 1.13 ~ 1.14 - Testing will be done to ensure the plugin is compatible with future versions, but I do not plan to add support for older versions of Minecraft.
    Java 8 - Versions above 8 should be compatible, as well.

    If you encounter a bug, or find that any other plugins are incompatible or conflict with NineIron, please submit an report to the GitHub issue tracker, and I will attend to it ASAP.

    This is one of the first plugins I've ever published, it would be super appreciated if you could take a look at the source code to help improve and clean things up, so I can make more (and, hopefully, better) plugins for you in the future! :)

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