NineIron 1.2

Launch throwables using enchanted tools in a vanilla-like fashion!

  1. Xiione
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    NineIron lets players launch throwable items further and harder with the use of an enchanted tool. Watch a short video demo!


    • Full plugin support for versions 1.13 through 1.14.4!
    • Support for all throwable items (snowballs, ender pearls, potions)
    • Customizable tool material(s)
    • Customizable enchantment checks (toggleable in configuration)
    • Customizable projectile launch sounds and particles (toggleable in configuration)
    • ... and much more coming soon! If you'd like to suggest a feature, post to the resource discussion thread or submit a pull request on Github.
    Code (YAML):

    #Should the plugin check for a newer version on enable?
    #Players with the proper permissions will be notified on join.
    : true

    ## NineIron Config ##

    #What items should be allowed to be used as a Nine Iron?
    #Values must be Materials.
    #Find the Spigot material enums here:
     - "WOODEN_AXE"
      - "STONE_AXE"
      - "IRON_AXE"
      - "GOLDEN_AXE"
      - "DIAMOND_AXE"

    #Should an enchantment be checked for to let an item with the correct material launch projectiles?
    : true

    #What enchantment should be checked for to let an item with the correct material launch projectiles?
    #Find the Spigot enchantment enums here:
    #Only applies if check-enchantment is true.

    #By default, how strong should the projectile launch be?
    #Only applies if check-enchantment is false.
    : 1

    #How long should the delay between right-clicking and the actual launch of the projectile be, in ticks?
    : 10

    #Should particles be spawned at the location of the player when a projectile is launched?
    : true

    #How much durability should be taken on projectile launch?
    #Must be equal to or greater than 0.
    : 2

    #Should players be allowed to launch x projectile?
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true

    #What sounds should each projectile type play when launched?
    #Use the following format: "SOUND_ENUM-VOLUME-PITCH"
    #Find the Spigot sound enums here:
    #Set volume to 0 to disable.
    : "BLOCK_SNOW_BREAK-1.0-1.0"
    : "BLOCK_STONE_HIT-1.0-1.0"
    : "ENTITY_ENDER_EYE_DEATH-1.0-1.0"
    : "BLOCK_GLASS_HIT-1.0-1.0"
    : "BLOCK_GLASS_HIT-1.0-1.0"

    /nineiron - Show plugin info and subcommands.
    /nineiron help - Show all command usages.
    /nineiron reload - Reload the plugin configuration.

    convenienchant.admin - Access to all of the above commands. (Default: OP)
    nineiron.notifyupdate - Be notified of new versions of NineIron on join. (Default: OP)

    Server version 1.13 ~ 1.14 - Testing will be done to ensure the plugin is compatible with future versions, but I do not plan to add support for older versions of Minecraft.
    Java 8 - Versions above 8 should be compatible, as well.

    If you encounter a bug, or find that any other plugins are incompatible or conflict with NineIron, please submit an report to the GitHub issue tracker, and I will attend to it ASAP.

    This is one of the first plugins I've ever published, it would be super appreciated if you could take a look at the source code to help improve and clean things up, so I can make more (and, hopefully, better) plugins for you in the future! :)

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