Ninjago - Airjitzu 1.1.2

Perform the ancient art of Airjitzu in Minecraft!

  1. ArcaneAlpaca
    Here's a plugin based off Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. This is my first plugin, and I plan on updating it to include more features from Ninjago (eventually).

    This plugin adds the ability to do Airjitzu on a server. Airjitzu allows a player to reach new heights. This plugin adds three different levels of Airjitzu, with each level giving you the ability to leap higher. Has only been tested on 1.8.7.

    > airjitzu.use - Allows access to Airjitzu commands.
    > airjitzu.use.level.1 - Allows access to Airjitzu level 1.
    > airjitzu.use.level.2 - Allows access to Airjitzu level 2.
    > airjitzu.use.level.3 - Allows access to Airjitzu level 3.


    Level1: 5
    Level2: 10
    Level3: 15

    The numbers beside each level are how powerful that level should be.
    Command usage is in a file inside the ZIP download.

    Enjoy the plugin!


    1. airjitzufeature-370x250.jpg