nLogin 2.6

Plugin simples de autenticação / A simple authenticator plugin

  1. NickUltracraft
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    English and Português Brasileiro
    nlogin.png Last version: 2.7

    nLogin is an authentication system with SHA-256 encryption. Using it, you can prevent intrusions on your server. In addition, it has a two-step verification system.

    Português Brasileiro:
    nLogin é um sistema de autenticação, com a criptografia SHA-256. Usando ele, você pode evitar invasões em seu servidor. Além disso, ele conta com um sistema de verificação de duas etapas.

    Language / Linguagem:
    To change the language, you have to change on config:
    You can help translating to other languages.

    English version commands:

    /changepass <new password> - Changes your password
    /changepassword <new password> - Changes your password
    /forcelogin <jogador> - Forces a user to login (Only console)
    /login <password> - Log in your account
    /language - Changes the plugin language
    /nlogin - Controls the plugin
    /pin - Controls the pin security
    /register <password> - Register your account
    /setspawn - Sets the main spawn
    /showpassword <player> - Shows player's password
    /spawn - Teleport the player to main spawn
    /twitter <twitter codes> - Command for twitter security
    /unregister - Unregister your account
    /viewpassword <player> - Shows player's password [Disabled]
    /verificar <player> - Show statics about a own player

    Comandos português brasileiro:
    /desregistrar <senha> - Desregistra sua conta [PT-BR]
    /forcarlogin <jogador> - Forca o login de um jogador (Only console) [PT-BR]
    /gerarcodigo - Comando para desenvolvedores [PT-BR]
    /gerartwitter - Comando for desenvolvedores [PT-BR]
    /linguagem - Troca a linguagem do plugin [PT-BR]
    /logar <senha> - Loga sua conta [PT-BR]
    /mudarsenha <nova senha> - Troca sua senha [PT-BR]
    /nlogin - Controla o plugin [PT-BR]
    /registrar <senha> - Register your account [PT-BR]
    /setarspawn - Seta o spawn inicial [PT-BR]
    /trocarsenha <nova senha> - Troca sua senha [PT-BR]
    /verificar <jogador> - Mostra dados do jogador [PT-BR]
    /versenha <jogador> - Mostra a senha do jogador [PT-BR] [Disabled]

    Ensures all plugin permissions
    nlogin.admin: Ensures all admin permissions
    nlogin.developer: Ensures all developers permissions
    nlogin.key: Ensures activation premium key permission
    nlogin.reload: Ensures /nlogin reload permission
    nlogin.updatealerta: Ensures for update alert permission
    nlogin.verificar: Ensures for /verificar permission

    Plugins Support:
    Legendchat -Blocks the chat when you are not logged in.
    TwitterAPI - The plugin has function for 2 Step Verification with Twitter.

    jSon support on commands;
    TitleBar support on messages;
    Anti-Lag to avoid high consumption;
    Pin security for recovery your password;
    Player data logger;
    A spawn function;
    Custom ALL config messages;
    MySQL and SQLite support;
    2 Step Verification with Twitter;

    Português Brasileiro - PT-BR

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Recent Reviews

  1. HenryFabio
    Version: 2.4
    I loved this plugin, very efficient with several options, the plugin is the best login plugin I have ever used, and if you are looking for it, I highly recommend it
    1. NickUltracraft
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!
  2. elitonr7
    Version: 2.4
    nossa mano Parabéns ficou perfeito '
    1. NickUltracraft
      Author's Response
      Valeu cara, obrigado por apoiar os developers brasileiros <3