NMotd - always have a fancy motd with comfortable configuration. 3.0.0

Make your server motd been beautiful!

  1. 3.0.0 UPDATE

    3.0.0 UPDATE!!!

    Some information:
    Due to I'd added many cool things into NMotd in 3.0.0 update, I decided to skip 2.0.0 release and fix reload bug in 4.0.0 update.


    What's new:
    [+] Left motd...
  2. New! HoverMotd added! Now requires ProtocolLib.

    Hover motd was added!(2.0.0.Beta1 update)



    Because it's a beta version every time after you change HoverText in HoverMotd stop your server and then run it. DO NOT RESTART!...
  3. NMotd - title in config fix!

    Changed title in config.yml!