NMotd - The Most Comfortable Motd Manager 4.0.0

Make your server motd been beautiful!

  1. The Huge Config Update and a way more in NMotd 4.0.0!!!

    The Huge Config Update!!!

    This is the update which fully changes the previous configuration system by adding to it an extra folder with 2 .yml files in it (Settings.yml and MotdText.yml). There is also an update checker added now (easier to track updates) and changed plugin description in plugin.yml! Now FakeOnlinePlayer option adds extra players to the server (in the previous...​
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  2. 3.0.0 UPDATE

    3.0.0 UPDATE!!!

    Some information:
    Due to I'd added many cool things into NMotd in 3.0.0 update, I decided to skip 2.0.0 release and fix reload bug in 4.0.0 update.


    What's new:
    [+] Left motd...
  3. New! HoverMotd added! Now requires ProtocolLib.

    Hover motd was added!(2.0.0.Beta1 update)



    Because it's a beta version every time after you change HoverText in HoverMotd stop your server and then run it. DO NOT RESTART!...
  4. NMotd - title in config fix!

    Changed title in config.yml!