NMSulator Library - Legacy 0.4.2

A library attempting to make NMS easier to use

  1. Anonixis
    Current Version: 0.4 for Spigot 1.8.8

    Development for 0.4 is a big challenge but it will eventually be released in full!

    The NMSulator Library was initially designed to help out people who didn't understand NMS, reflection and so on.

    IMPORTANT: This library requires External Librarian Click Me!

    Next Version -> 1.0
    NOTE: The library is undergoing a massive re-write!

    How do I use this library?
    For Server Owners:

    • Download External Librarian (Link Above)
    • Run the server once and stop it again
    • Place this library in the newly created 'plugins/ExternalLibrarian/Libraries'
    For Developers:
    This library should be added the same way as spigot is added as a external library!

    (PluginMain class)
    Code (Text):
    public class Mobulator extends JavaPlugin {
        public void onEnable() {
            NMS.RegisterCustomEntites(new NMSMob[] {new NMSMob(EntityType.ZOMBIE, new CustomZombie(NMS.getOverworld()))});
    This example will be updated to the latest version each time there is a new update!

    This Library is not finished - not everything has been implemented!

    Support me on Patreon:
    Patreon helps me develop these tools Full Time!

    This Library is also Open Source! On Github
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  1. nikdaman86
    Version: 0.4 Pre
    Very cool, would recommend this to any new develop looking for an nms api