NMSulator Library - Legacy 0.4.2

A library attempting to make NMS easier to use

  1. 0.4.2 Release

    Update Notes:
    • General Optimizations
    • Moved NMSMob Registration System to NMSRegistry
    • Removed most of the NMS class
    • Moved getOverworld() to WorldUtils
    • Moved getNether() to WorldUtils
    • Moved getEnd() to WorldUtils
    • Moved getCustomWorld() to WorldUtils
    • Fixed getCustomWorld(int) due to it being missed out
  2. 0.4.1 Release

    Update Notes:
    • Simplified and polished mob overriding log strategy via request
  3. 0.4 Release

    Update Notes:
    • Fix Switch in NMSMob
    • Added IEquipable
    • Added IInv
    • You can now change armour on Skeletons, Zombies and PigZombies
    • General Optimizations and fixes
    • Removed NMSAI Kit due to it was too large of a task 'for now', I will be planning this for after 1.0 Release, so I can make the library instead of halting it for a low priority feature
  4. 0.4 Pre Release

    Update Notes:

    • Add setSpawningWorld(World) to all mobs (Needs testing!)
    • Add getNether() to NMS
    • Add getEnd() to NMS
    • Add getCustomWorld(String) to NMS
    • Add getCustomWorld(int) to NMS
    • Add getMaxDamage() to all mobs
    • Add getFollowingRange() to all mobs
    • Add getKickbackResistance() to all mobs
    • Add getMovementSpeed() to all mobs
    • Add getAttackDamage() to all mobs
    • Add Custom AI Kit (Currently not usable due to still in testing)
  5. Simplify a few methods

    Update Notices:
    • Added setMaxHealth(double) to all mobs
    • Added setFollowingRange(double) to all mobs
    • Added setKockbackResistance(double) to all mobs
    • Added setMovementSpeed(double) to all mobs
    • Added setAttackDamage(double) to all mobs
    Note: The beginning of the custom AI kit will be in the next update!
  6. Restructure for future plans

    Update Notes:
      • Mobs are not saved into the library now and are registered once, they can be saved by you in fields
      • Minor re-structure for future plans for simplification