[NNC] NiroNoCheat | Anti Cheat | 1.8 ~> 1.12 v1.31

One of the best anti cheat systems!

  1. Niro
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    AntiDamageIndicator is only working, if ProtocolLib is installed!


    ONLINE MANAGEMENT PANEL => https://www.niroyt.de/NiroNoCheat/Main.php

    Optimal spigot versions:
    - v1_8_R3
    - v1_9_R2
    - v1_11_R1
    - v1_12_R1

    Players will be checked for:
    - Aimbot
    - Auto Armor
    - Bed Destroyer
    - Chest Stealer
    - Damage Indicator
    - ESP
    - Fast Bow
    - Instant Break
    - Fast Heal
    - Fast Place
    - Fast Use
    - Fly
    - Ghost Hand
    - Some inventory cheats(1.8.x)
    - Killaura (1.8.x-combat)
    - NoClip/Phase
    - No Fall Damage
    - No Velocity
    - False Angle
    - No Slowdown
    - No Swing
    - No Web
    - More/Bad packets
    - Safewalk
    - Sneak
    - Speed
    - Strafe
    - Teleport/Step
    - Waterwalk
    - Tower
    - Scaffold
    - Zoot

    Included is an in-game GUI for settings:

    Commands with permissions:
    -> /nnc - Open the settings gui | permission: nnc.options
    -> /nnc ping - Shows ping | permission: - (all players)
    -> /nnc reload - Reload NNC config | permission: nnc.reload
    -> /nnc enable - Enable NNC | permission: nnc.options
    -> /nnc disable - Disable NNC | permission: nnc.options
    -> /nnc test [check] [player] - Start to test a single check | permission: nnc.options
    -> /nnc test stop [player] - Stop the testing | permission: nnc.options

    other permissions:
    -> nnc.debug | Shows the player all flags from other players
    -> nnc.checknot| Player will be not flagged by NNC

    Config File:
    - Disabled - boolean | Is NNC disabled?
    - Debugmode - boolean | Should NNC give debug messages?
    - Write-Log - boolean | Should NNC write all flags in a file?
    - Kick-at-Flag-Level - integer | When should NNC kick/ban players?
    - Flag-Messages - boolean | Should NNC notify players with OP or "nnc.debug" permission?
    - Ban-Command - string | Which command should NNC use to ban cheater?
    - Allowed-as-Flag - booleans | What should NNC do with cheaters?
    - Checks[Enabled] - booleans | Should NNC use this check?
    - Checks[FlagLevel] - integer | How much should the FlagLevel go up?
    - Checks[Option] - double | What are the thresholds?

    Code (Text):
    # NNC Config / Plugin by NiroYT
    Kick-at-Flag-Level: 50
      setBack: false
      Kick: true
      Ban: false
    Code (Text):
    Kick-at-Flag-Level: 500
      setBack: true
      Kick: false
      Ban: false
    Code (Text):
    Kick-at-Flag-Level: 200
      setBack: true
      Kick: true
      Ban: false

    Developer API:
    Event: "de.niroyt.nnc.events.NiroNoCheatEvent"

    - Getter:

    - getPlayer() | org.bukkit.entity.Player
    - getCheck() | de.niroyt.nnc.enums.Check
    - getStatus() | de.niroyt.nnc.enums.Status
    - WriteInLogFile() | boolean
    - isCancelled() | boolean
    - Setter:
    - setCancelled(boolean cancelled)
    - setStatus(de.niroyt.nnc.enums.Status status)
    - setWriteInLogFile(boolean value)

    Code (Text):
    public class Main extends JavaPlugin implements Listener {

        public void onEnable() {
            Bukkit.getPluginManager().registerEvents(this, this);

        public void onFlag(NiroNoCheatEvent e) {
            for(OfflinePlayer OfflinePlayer : Bukkit.getOperators()) {
                if(OfflinePlayer.isOnline()) {
                    Player player = OfflinePlayer.getPlayer();
                    player.sendMessage("§6[AC]§4" + e.getPlayer().getName() + ": " + e.getCheck().showCheckCategory() + ", §7" + e.getCheck() + ", " + e.getStatus());    
    (Disable Messages in the config file)

    Icon made by CC 3.0 BY from www.flaticon.com
    Häkchen Symbole designed by Freepik from de.freepik.com


    1. vip - free.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Shadowpauler
    Version: v1.31
    It can stop a lot of hacks, but sadly, it still has a lot of false positives like the old versions, just not as bad. As well, as the GUI used to be free, it's now a paid feature. The reason why it was so helpful, is because you didn't have to spend hours trying to find out what false positive is being triggered, so you can disable it quickly. But now, you cannot do that without paying for it. However, we do appreciate the plugin being mostly free. It would just be nice if you could at least make us do the work to create the GUI if we had an option, so we didn't have to pay for VIP, but had to put effort into it. I would say, this is the 3rd best free Anti-cheat there is in the entire Minecraft plugin list.
  2. OnlyGenno
    Version: v1.31
    Im really excited of NiroNoCheat!
    It detects very responsible and almost everytime (95%) it shows the right Hack.
    But I found one false positive! If you were teleported whilse you was in Inventory and then you move you will be automaticly kicked (If you trun Kick on)
    So I really recommend it for everyone!
  3. RetroGaymer
    Version: v1.31
    I'm sorry but your nnc, it does not work anymore, try the killaura and do not kike it, the fly is the same
  4. Fentered
    Version: v1.31
    Anti Cheat doesnt work
    There are a lot cheaters on server!
    I'm not recomended this AC
  5. RodenTV
    Version: v1.31
    Great Anti Cheat. With Pncp very good ................................................
  6. MC_Terry
    Version: v1.31
    Excellent AntiCheat. But I Would Like To Suggest Having Custom Ban Commands For The Default Rank As It Would Be Very Helpful For Those Who Can't Buy The VIP Rank.Hope You Can Consider Changing It.Thank You. :)
  7. eliteSCHW31N
    Version: v1.31
    Pretty good, but i need some help with the config

    we have some teleportation error.. and with speed
  8. WxS_Deadshot
    Version: v1.31
    Excellent anticheat, I've yet to see something like this in a while.
    Thank you. That took care of the hacker problem for me almost instantly...
  9. GorlyDJY
    Version: v1.31
    Very good plugin! But after I used it, the TPS dropped to 15-18.
    Please do not pull back players asynchronously, some plugins may not support it.
  10. KazMNF
    Version: v1.30
    Works well. But BIG problem. When i load this plugin server TPS instant down 14
    When i disable NNC tps recovered 19.9 :/