[NNC] NiroNoCheat | Anti Cheat [Beta] | 1.8 ~> 1.12 v1.19

One of the best anti cheat systems!

  1. Bugfix ProtocolLib

    + New Reach Check
    + Recoded GroundUtils, some WaterWalkes fixes
    ~ Fixed fly fp
    ~ Fixed speed fp
    ~ Module system RECODED
    ~ Obfuscator settings
    ~ New value system

    ~ ProtocolLib is not crashing now
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  2. Bugs fixed...

    + Reworked Speed check (Bhop)
    ~ Fixed Strafe fp
    ~ Fixed NoFall fp
    ~ Fixed Fly fp (gravity)
    ~ Fixed FastHeal fp (Mc version > 1.9)
    ~ Fixed NoVelocity bugs
    ~ Changed obfuscator
    - Teleport checks
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  3. False positives fixed

    ~ Fixed Waterwalk fp
    ~ Fixed some Strafe fp
    ~ Fixed some Phase fp
    ~ Fixed Killaura fp
    ~ Fixed Fly fp
    ~ Fixed Cheststealer fp
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  4. ProtocolLib is now no duty

    + Reworked Strafe check
    + Jesus/Waterwalk checks improved
    + Changeable ban command
    + Command /nnc test [...] to test a single check
    ~ NNC Messages can be switched off
    ~ ProtocolLib is now no duty, if you do not install it, AntiDamageIndicator will automatically disabled (make it possible to use /reload)
    - Removed Fly check f15, because of many false positives
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  5. Bugfixes / Extensions

    + Sprint Check (against killaura)
    + Anti Crasher (Jigsaw)
    ~ NoSwing fixed
    ~ Killaura ka3 is now cautious
    ~ Reworked Server speedometer
    ~ Fixed crash on start, if the plugin could not connect to the server
    - Useless Fly check
    - Damage as punishment
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  6. Last update has turned off checks automatically

    ~ Speed & Fly detections working now
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  7. Important Bug Fixes

    + Added new ChestStealer check
    + Added check against reverse velocity

    ~ Killaura false positive fixed
    ~ ChestStealer false positive fixed
    ~ Fly false positive fixed
    ~ Phase false positive fixed
    ~ Velocity false positive fixed
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  8. Bugfixes

    + FastLadder detection for vines
    ~ Fixed inventory bug in 1.12
  9. Reworked/New checks, Bugfixes

    + Reworked/improved velocity checks
    + Anti AAC-New (LiquidBounce) crasher
    ~ Fixed GUI bugs
    ~ Fixed BlockUtils (farmland false positives)
    ~ Fixed false packet flags on join
    - Removed useless/bad auto armor check
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  10. Flag event, Ban sytem, Fixed false positives

    + NiroNoCheatEvent for developing, to adapt the plugin to your system
    ~ Better ban system, if "ban" is selected as the only one, the player will only be banned from the set flag level
    ~ Fixed Fly and Speed false positives when exiting the flight mode in gamemode 1