nNotes 3.0

Take notes of eveything!

  1. NotToDisturb
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15

    Welcome to nNotes! This plugin will remove the need to take notes in a notebook, and will instead give you the ability to do so in-game, among many, many other things. It also offers tons of customization, meaning that pretty much every message can be changed through the configuration files.

    You will be able to use and configure the following commands:
    • /notes create
      • Used to create notes
      • Usage: /notes create <note name> <note contents>
    • /notes delete
      • Used to delete notes
      • Usage: /notes delete <note name>
    • /notes deleteall
      • Used to delete all your notes
      • Usage: /notes deleteall
    • /notes edit
      • Used to edit notes
      • Usage: /notes edit <note name> <new note contents>
    • /notes rename
      • Used to rename notes
      • Usage: /notes rename <note name> <new note name>
    • /notes read
      • Used to read notes
      • Usage: /notes read <note name>
    • /notes list
      • Used to list your notes
      • Usage: /notes list
    • /notes topaper
      • Used to write a note into a paper (with a paper in your hand)
      • Usage: /notes topaper <note name>
    • /notes todigital
      • Used to make a digital note form a paper one (with the paper note in your hand) which you can change the name of. It will give you a clean paper.
      • Usage: /notes todigital <optional name change>
    • /notes gui
      • Used to see every digital note you have. It can be multiple pages long.
      • Usage: /notes gui <page>
    IMPORTANT! You can also look at other people's notes, ideal for admins, using /notespy <username> instead of /notes

    Alongside the commands, the following features are implemented:
    • Update notifier
      • A toggleable notification that informs about new versions of the plugin on Spigot
      • This has been implemented by modifying Stipess1's Auto-Updater
    • Persistent create and edit
      • This allows you to perform /notes create/edit <title> and input the content of the note in a separate message
      • This does not apply for /notespy

    The plugin permissions are:
    • nnotes.create
    • nnotes.create.<max amount of notes> or nnotes.create.unlimited[/SIZE]
    • nnotes.delete
    • nnotes.deleteall
    • nnotes.edit
    • nnotes.rename
    • nnotes.read
    • nnotes.list
    • nnotes.topaper
    • nnotes.todigital
    • nnotes.gui
    • nnotes.updates
      • It lets people see if there is or there isn't any update
    As for the /notespy <username> command:

    To-do list
    • Cross server usabilty
    • Improve the GUI system
    This is all that is currently under development. Ideas are very much welcome though!

    Please give feedback and report any bugs you found! Thank you!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Angelo0129
    Version: 2.9.9
    need to update at 1.11/1.10 it will be fun using this but needs an update :) atleast i still give 5 stars :D
    1. NotToDisturb
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your review! I'm kinda busy now with studies, but this christmas I'll try to update the plugin, not only to 1.10 or 1.11, but many code improvements.
  2. Animatronic_Fox
    Version: 2.9.6
    The Plugin Is Kinda Good But Could You Fix The Issue Of Me being unable to use nnotes.create.unlimited to get unlimited notes avaible to be created i use Essentials on my server
    1. NotToDisturb
      Author's Response
      Thats not a bug, I forgot to add it.
      For the moment, put a very high number, and it will do the work.
      I'll add it as soon as possible (I'm studying for exams D=)
      Hope you liked the plugin!
  3. RedPool
    Version: 2.9.5
    Nick Plugin ♥
    1. NotToDisturb
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and hope you enjoy it!
      Also, any suggestion will be welcome!
  4. Mikioul
    Version: 2.1
    Good Idea ! Nice jobs :)
    1. NotToDisturb
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the five stars!
  5. Javier5Alvarez
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin! But it wil be better with more languages and features like a GUI with all your notes. :)