No Fall Damage Plugin 1.3

Want no fall damage on your server? You have come to the right place!

  1. World Toggle Edit

    I recently got the review to add a toggle for specific worlds, and guess what I did? Just that! I added the ability to toggle the plugin in some worlds, but while in others, the plugin is disabled! The current worlds have to be either world, world_nether, or world_the_end. This means the plugin will not work in custom worlds. Also, the worlds edit is also in the command, so the new usage for the plugin is:
    /nofalldamage set <True|False> <World>
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  2. Huge Update!

    So I just added a bunch of new features to the plugin! Now, you can set the fall damage in-game without having to go into the config file to edit it. All you have to do is /nofalldamage set <True|False> and your done!

  3. Added Toggle

    I just added a toggle feature! In the config.yml, you can now change the settings from ON to OFF for the plugin!