No Fall Damage | Skript 3.1

Prevent fall and void damage. Multiworld, permissions and Worldguard support!

  1. Andrea



    [​IMG] What is "Skript"?

    "Skript" is a plugin that allows you to customize Minecraft's mechanics with simple scripts written in plain English sentences.
    I made this plugin with Skript. Don't be afraid of it. I had a server with 65 scripts and 17 plugins. 0 lag and custom gamemodes.

    Do you need more information?
    On spawn of a Skeleton:
    broadcast "Skeleton spawned!"

    This example will send a server message when a Skeleton spawn. It's a simple script but you can do all you want like a normal plugin, it's just an example.

    In order to use scripts you need to download the plugin "Skript".
    After that you can create (or download my scripts) and place them inside /plugins/skript/scripts.

    [​IMG] Who I am?
    My name is Andrea. I'm just a 19 years old guy that create scripts for free or for 2-3 euros.
    I use those euros to pay the school so, if you want to support me what can i say? Thanks a lot!

    [​IMG] Compatible with:

    1.7 Compatible
    1.8 Compatible

    [​IMG] Requiriments:
    Plugin Skript:

    [​IMG] Install:
    Download Skript - Link above
    Place Skript inside /plugins/ folder
    Start your server
    Place No Fall in /plugins/skript/scripts
    Open No Fall with Notepad++
    Type /sk reload scripts

    [​IMG] Permissions:
    Skript.nofall = Cancel the fall damage
    Skript.novoid = Cancel the void damage

    [​IMG] Features:
    - Cancel the fall damage
    - Cancel the void damage
    - Works with permissions so it's Multi-World compatible!
    - Disable fall damage in specific WorldGuard regions!

    [​IMG] WorldGuard support:
    Create a region and name it NoFallDamage.
    Players inside this region won't receive fall damage.
    You can also create more regions. Just add numbers such as NoFallDamage1, etc

    [​IMG] Rate it!
    If you are happy to use this script don't forget to rate it!
    I hope that you will give me 5 stars :)


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    If you need a custom script just contact me via Spigot Message and i'll try to help you!​
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  1. usaf_gamesoft
    Version: 3.1
    I know It 's old but I think It 's useful please one problem ,
    the op can not take damage at any world ?? please help thanks
  2. Meldiron
    Version: 3.1
    Why no one rate this 5 stars? :D Its easy, its simple.. its not plugin. But this thing is best.. Easy setup, none ads, works perfect..
    Just 5 stars and thx :)