no hit delay nohitdelay V2.6 mc 1.8.x

New Pvp experience with NoHitDelay!

  1. bekira
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    This Plugin gives you a fully new PvP experience. Its great to improve your skills in 1vs1 It's compatible with 1.8 Please comment if you wish oher features.
    • /setDelay : Sets the NoHitDelay for all Players
    • /setKit : Sets your inventory as default
    • /setDefaultGamemode : Sets your Gamemode ad default
    • /toggleDefaultGamemode : Toggles if Gamemodes are forced by respawn
    • /toggleKit : Toggles if kits are enabled
    • /toggleDeathMessage : Toggles if deathmessages are shown
    • /toggleWeather : Toggles if the weather can change
    • /setJoinMessage : Sets the JoinMessage
      -> use "player" as the Player.
      Example: /setJoinMessage hi player
    • /toggleJoinMessage : toggles between the Vanilla and NoHitDelay JoinMessage
    • /toggleCooldown : can deactivate the 1.9 sword-cooldown
    • /setCooldown : You can edit the cooldown as you want!
    • /kit : Resets your Inventory to the default kit
    Have Fun with my Plugin and feel free to comment!
    Don'd edit the config.yml unless needed. All changes can be done ingame. If the Plugin doesn't work, delete the config.yml and check the console.
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Recent Reviews

  1. natagush
    Version: nohitdelay V2.6 mc 1.8.x
    I joined my Server, and lost ALL OF MY ITEMS AND ARMOR! I did /setdelay to 0, and It still wasn't good to combo a player into air. It broke my server, cause my Server said when a Player left: "player left the game" instead of the username! Great work, but please make sure that It doesnt replace all the items in the inventory and the "player left the game" is fixed. I wold never download this again!
  2. iJosePlay_
    Version: nohitdelay V2.6 mc 1.8.x
    Lo que me gusta de este plugin es que puedes configurarlo por diferentes mundos.
    Spigot 1.8.8
  3. Z50
    Version: nohitdelay V2.6 mc 1.8.x
    Almost all of the commands are useless and give tons of errors in the console if you try to disable them. They are useless because people already have plugins that can do those things, like join messages and kits. Finally, the whole "no hit delay" thing does NOT work at all. I've tried setting it to 0, 1, and even -1 in all worlds and there is no effect. Projectiles and melee still have the default hit delay no matter what I do. The hit delay does not work on players or mobs. Neither.
  4. _caustic_
    Version: nohitdelay V2.6 mc 1.8.x
    Very useful when you want to adjust, rather than completely disable, cooldowns and delays. It lets server owners balance the fine line between old and new players.
  5. ZiemlichUndead
    Version: nohitdelay V2.6 mc 1.8.x
    The commands are not working, the world settings are not working,
    the kit and weather commands are useless because every server has own plugins for that
  6. Agent_double07
    Version: nohitdelay V2.6 mc 1.8.x
    This is an amazing, little plugin that lets players hit extremely fast or really slow. This is super fun for me because I was thinking of making a remake of badlion's combo game that they used to have and this will let this happen. I love how everything works very well and you can set the delay in game and it works instantly. Thanks so much for this plugin!
  7. A248
    Version: nohitdelay V2.6 mc 1.8.x
    Excellent! Allows PVPers to play at a higher level. Most, if not all, players seem to like the pvp on my server now.

    There is one semi-bug, however. Lava can kill much more quickly because there is no delay for it to damage you.
    Setting the hit delay to 0 will cause instant death in lava.
  8. Staraptor0
    Version: nohitdelay V3.2 mc 1.9.x
    This is one of the few plugins that completely change the PVP experience, great job. It would use this on my factions server if you could set a chance that a combo might occur after a certain amount of hits.
    1. bekira
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I could develop a custom plugin for your server, just ask for it ;).
      In the next update there will be a combo-count anyway.
  9. iLanZz
    Version: nohitdelay mc 1.9.x
    Very good plugin :) :D
  10. Mod_masta
    Version: 2016-01-15
    Fantastic plugin, does a great job making it easier for those crazy PvP obsessed little guys. Setting the delay to 0 is a lot of fun :)