No Item Lag 0.0.2

Makes it so players can't drop items

  1. winter4w
    This is a really simple lightweight plugin I made so people cant drop items on the server. This plugin is good for hub servers if you don't want people dropping any items in there inventory.

    Also when a player dies they wont drop any items.

    Please also keep in mind that this is my 1st plugin I have made so it is not going to have much in it.

    How to Install:
    Just drop it in your plugins folder and that is it. No permissions and nothing to setup.

Recent Updates

  1. No items drop on death v0.0.2

Recent Reviews

  1. SgtBud
    Version: 0.0.1
    Simple, easy, does all it says. Suggestion: Make the message configurable ;)! Another suggestion: Add a way to make it so like 10 items dropped and they get cancelled, not immediately ;)!
    1. winter4w
      Author's Response
      Great glad you love it :)

      I can see about adding a custom message. I am not sure tho what you are saying about allowing players to drop 10 items.