No Lag Scatter 1.1.1

No Lag Scatter allows players to be scattered (teleported) around the map with little to no lag

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    What does this plugin do?

    This plugin allows players to be scattered around the map (defined by the inputted radius) with little to no lag (tested on the default config, with chunks pre-loaded) - regardless of the player count. You can scatter a single player, multiple players or teams (Scoreboard teams) in a defined world, and defined radius).

    This has been tested on a UHC server with 200+ players ( with little to no lag - at 20 TPS.


    Scatter Command:

    Scatter in progress:


    Code (Text):
    #This is how fast the scatter will be - 5 is recommended.
    #5 ticks = 4 players a second
    #10 ticks = 2 players a second
    scatter-ticks: 5

    #For when players are scattered
    #BOTH = Action bar + In chat
    #CHAT  = Message in chat
    #ACTION_BAR = Just action bar
    #NONE = No message
    broadcast-type: BOTH

    #Count = amount scattered
    #Scattered = Amount to to be scattered
    #Prefix = Team color prefix (if applicable - will not show if there isnt one)
    #Name = Player name
    broadcast-message: '&8[&7<count>&8/&e<scattered>&8] &f<prefix><name>'

    #Amount = Amount of players to scatter
      - '&8&m--------------------------'
      - '&7Starting the scattering of &6<amount> &7player(s).'
      - '&8&m--------------------------'
    scatter-start-action-bar: '&7Starting the scattering of &6<amount> &7player(s).'

      - '&8&m--------------------------'
      - '&7The Scatter has &6concluded&7!'
      - '&8&m--------------------------'
    scatter-concluded-action-bar: '&7The Scatter has &6concluded&7!'

      - '&8&m--------------------------'
      - '&f<prefix><name> &7has been late scattered!'
      - '&8&m--------------------------'
    scatter-late-action-bar: '&f<prefix><name> &7has been late scattered!'

      permission: uhc.scatter
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&cInsufficient permissions.'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&8/&6sct &8<&6world&8> <&6radius&8> <&6solo&8/&6team&8> &7Scatters the players/teams within a set radius in the UHC world'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&cThe world <world> does not exist!'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&cYou can not run this command while the scatter is already in progress!'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&c<num> is not a number!'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'
        - '&cYou must provide a mode for the scatter! Either enter a players name or scatter teams or solo.'
        - '&8&m--------------------------'

    The messages/speed of the scatter is all customizable in the config.yml - this is to ensure you can have the plugin adapted to your liking.

    This plugin is really useful for some UHC servers that utilize the scoreboard teams aspect of Minecraft (typically Skript UHC servers).

    I have added a custom Event that is called when the scatter is over. You may use this plugin in your plugin and listen for the Event 'ScatterFinishedEvent'.

    Note: For this plugin to live up to its name, the chunks of the world must be loaded before the scatter.
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  1. British_MC
    Version: 1.1
    This is a really good scatter and pretty much replaces ones that are written in skript. I would recommend it heavily since it can scatter a bunch of players within seconds. The developer is also really nice and open to suggestions which is handy. Overall, the plugin lives up to its name and I would recommend downloading.