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Control your chat !

  1. crosf32
    A very simple plugin for control the chat ! Made by : crosf32
    You can Change ALL messages with the config.yml

    For more informations, please contact me ! And for all errors of traduction, please write me them.

    Commands :
    - noword add <Word> : Add a bad word to the wordlist
    - noword remove <Word> : Remove a bad word to the wordlist
    - noword list: a list of all bad words


    #NoSwordPlus's config.yml | SPAM and Bad word stopped !

    prefix: "&cNoWordPlus "

    #max Advertisement before ACTION
    maxadvertisement: 3
    #ACTION : sanction 'kick' or 'ban' only !
    action: "ban"

    #Max Message per second
    maxspampersecond: 2

    #Max Advertisement before action
    maxsadvspambeforeaction: 3

    #ACTION : sanction 'kick' or 'ban' only !
    actionspam: "ban"


    wordadded: "&7Le mot &8%word &7a bien été ajouté à la liste !"
    wordremove: "&7Le mot &8%word &7a bien été enlevé de la liste !"
    list: "&7Voici la liste: &c%list"
    wordlistisempty: "&7La liste est actuellement vide !"
    wordiswordlist: "&cErreur : ce mot est déjà dans la liste! &7/noword remove <MOT>"
    wordisnotinwordlist: "&cErreur : ce mot n'est pas dans la liste ! &7/noword add <MOT>"
    advertisement: "&4NO &cCe mot est interdit ! Ne recommence pas ! &7(&c%advertisement&7/&c%maxadvertisement&7)"
    sanction: "&cTu as dépassé la limite d'avertissement ! Tu recois une sanction : &4BAN à vie !"
    kickforbadword: "&cYou have been kick for &4BAD WORD"
    banforbadword: "&cYou have been ban for &4Bad word"
    advertisementspam: "&cNe spam pas stp !"
    actionspammessage: "&aKick for Spam | kick pour spam"
    kickforspam: "&cYou have been kick for &4Spamming"
    banforspam: "&cYou have been ban for &4Spamming"

    Permission for bad word :
    - noword.bypass
    Permission for spam :
    - noword.bypass.spam

Recent Updates

  1. Bugs fixed ! New permission
  2. Correction

Recent Reviews

  1. ckamps2020
    Version: 0.2
    Decent plugin! For sure like this better then average chat filters. Two things: make it so you can edit the messages without the word list taking over the config. Also please fix the advertising and spam as they do not work fully! For sure download for a good chat filter tho!
    1. crosf32
      Author's Response
      No problem ! I wil fix that