NoBadWord 1.1.5

Simple, powerful Anti-Swear plugin for Spigot

  1. UltimateGamer84
    NoBadWord is a simple AntiSwear plugin made by the UnexTeam. It helps you Jail and Mute bad players. (As of 1.1.5, you can now execute any desired server commands!)

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    To Do List
    • Support special characters in the Swear detection engine.
    • Add possibility to translate the plugin. (v1.1.3) (DONE)
    • Add possibility to change server name in configs. (v 1.0.1) (DONE)
    • Add possibility to execute custome server commands (Previously set in config.yml file). (v1.1.5) (DONE)
    • Add possibility to set Mute & Jail time in configs. (v1.1.3) (DONE)
    • Add Multiple World Support
    This plugin is only tested with the following server modifications:

    • CraftBukkit
    • Spigot
    Here are permissions you need to add in your Permission plugin to allow certain commands:
    /badword <word>


    Gives you ability to Swear without any probleme
    Important Notes
    Special Characters aren't supported so never use command "/badword a$$" for example or players saying "a" will be jailed!
    Default Config Files
    Code (Text):
    #Author: UltimateGamer84
    #ServerName: [YOUR SEVER NAME HERE]
    ServerName: UnexCraft
    #Here you can customize messages (and translate them)
      NoPermission: You don't have permission to perform this command!
      Jailed: You're in Jail. Stop Swearing!

    #Time bad players should be jailed (in seconds) Default:60 and Muted Default:90
    JailTime: 60
    MuteTime: 90

    #If you want to use Custom Commands instead of Jail & Mute CHange to true and Insert your commands
    #@p = PlayerName
    #@s = ServerName
    #@w = WorldName
    UseCustomCommand: false
    #add Commands without / (e.g: "kick" instead of "/kick")
      - say Stop swearing @p !
      - kick @p Stop Swearing!

    #Default Bad Words
    #WARNING: Never add special Characters here or it will corrupt BadWords detection!
    - fuck
    - ass
    - nigga
    - nigger
    - bitch
    - asshole
    - motherfucker
    - modafucka
    - dick
    - nigger
    - slut
    - cum
    - biatch
    - motherfuckin
    - motherfucking
    - m0therfucker
    - m0therfuck3r
    - motherfuck3r
    - dickhead
    - dickheads
    - dumbass
    - assholes
    - bitches
    - biatches
    - dicks
    - fucker
    - fuckers
    - motherfuckers

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