NoBreak 0.1

Denies any block-breaking in specified world - overriding WorldGuard 'You can't break here' message!

  1. iversen
    NoBreak is a simple script that blocks any sort of block-breaking in a specified world - overriding the WorldGuard 'Hey! You can't build here' message, resulting in there being no message at all!

    Note, this is World support, and will deny breaking of any kind in the whole world (unless bypass permission is given).
    This also does not hook into WorldGuard in any way. I just simply found that it overrides the message.
    ^ With that said, even though it's only a few, 4, lines of Skript (20 with valid configuration) I still find this useful, and hope others will too.

    Please make sure to read the entire page through, as this has to be done right to actually work.


    • Disable any block-breaking in specified world
    • Bypass permission
    • Removal of WorldGuard 'You can't build here' message (per. world)
    • Configurable - by default '
    The permission can be changed to anything you want.

    "Configuration file"
    As this is a script, there are no real config what so ever.
    I made the config a part of the skript itself;
    *Important* Install:
    1. Download the script
    2. If you do not have "Skript", download that aswel
    3. Put the '" in the folder:
      Skript -> scripts
    4. Reload Skript (/sk reload scripts) or restart.
    5. Important edit the script:
      the first configuration option saying: 'World: default' has to be changed to the world you want to protect - if this world is unvalid, the script will not work.


    Important you have to edit the script, input the world you want to protect/remove WG messages from - if this isn't done, or the world is invalid, the skript will not work.

    As said - very simple script - hope you'll find it useful!

Recent Reviews

  1. Beastsyndicate
    Version: 0.1
    Its ok and it do what the coder says, but i get it on the whole world and not onley in spawn...
    1. iversen
      Author's Response
      As what I know, that currently isn't possible in skript (with WG regions)
      I tried, but it didn't really work