NoCheatPlus Continued (1.16.x) 1.6

The long lasted knight, to guard you and your friends!

  1. Shadowpauler
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Evenprime, md-5, asofold, xaw3ep, NeatMonster, Lysandr0, MarkElf, MyPictures, sgdc3, SplotyCode, Scetch, prophile, dmulloy2, clankstar, SupaHam, Phoenix616
    The continuation of anti-exploitation

    Stable Builds - Requires ProtocolLib

    NoCheatPlus was built to stop most of the well-known and top exploits in minecraft servers with automation in mind, and without false positives by itself

    Why is this resource re-created & reposted?
    I am not a developer of NCP+ continued, but I know those who are. I posted their resource which is open source, for many of those who do not know of their hard work, and still think that the project is dead

    Overall testing analysis of NCP+ Continued
    Compared to several free and premium anti-cheat plugins, NCP has always been reliable down it's line of development. As of now, I find it to be better than premium for the checks it has. It is lacking a couple of checks such as kill aura, but other plugins can cover NCP's missing checks. The plugin is overall very stable, performance friendly and precise. It even counters most of LiquidBounce and Inertia's exploits

    Support & help
    I'm unable to develop the plugins without knowledge of java, but I can help you to my best ability in this plugins dedicated discord server. I can help you patch those checks or exploits that are common and NCP+ does not cover, help you adjust NCP+ to be more or less accurate, and similar efforts of help that I can only think of

    Support Discord



    I may not be a developer for NCP+ Continued, but I respect all of those who have worked on it gracefully.​