NoClickHandlers 1.1

Prevent ClickHandlers in User-written-books

  1. tkausl
    Some server-owners are having problems with users lately, which write a book with click-handlers, for example a click-handler to execute the command "/op player". If your Admins are careless, they might get this book from the user and click on a line and OP them without meaning to. This plugin prevents that. Every time a user changes a unsigned book or signes a book, the plugin checks the whole book for click-handlers and prevents the change if there is at least one.

    (Screenshot from a slightly changed client so i could actually send the json directly)

    Just drop the plugin into your plugins-folder and restart the server. No configuration needed.

    This checks only the normal user-book-update when you write a book ingame, books with ClickHandler can still be created per command or per plugin!

    Works only with spigot version 1.8.0 and 1.8.3!

    Problems or suggestions? Just message me or comment here.

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  1. KleinesGumi
    Version: 1.1
    Wow! yesterday it this happen. and i think exist plugins for this.... AND HERE IS IT!
    1. tkausl
      Author's Response
      Well, happened to my server too (he was dumb and forgot the slash at the beginning, so the admin just chatted "op hisname" instead of really op'ing him) that's why i needed to write this plugin as soon as possible :)