NoExperience 1.1

Remove experience from different aspects of the game

  1. Megans
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    For Minecraft v1.9


    Whether you want to stop players from abusing spawners, want to make experience part of your economy, think fishing is already over powered, don't want to give an advantage in pvp, or anything else, this is the perfect way to stop players from gaining experience from different parts of the games! It is able to be customized, so you can pick and choose what to stop from dropping experience.

    Currently this plugin stops experience from dropping from: Aggressive mobs, passive mobs, spawned mobs, players, bottles of enchanting, furnaces, fishing, ores, and breeding. You can also stop players from being able to pick up experience orbs, though this may cause lag.

    You can change the config file in-game as long as you are an operator, or from the console. You can also edit the config file directly.

    Code (Text):
    ##Do aggressive mobs drop experience?
    aggressivemobs: false

    ##Do players drop experience?
    players: false

    ##Do passive mobs drop experience?
    passivemobs: false

    ##Do bottles of enchanting drop experience?
    bottles: false

    ##Do ores drop experience?
    ores: false

    ##Do furnaces give experience?
    furnaces: false

    ##Does fishing give experience?
    fishing: false

    ##Does breeding mobs give experience?
    breeding: false

    ##Do spawned mobs drop experience?
    ##Works with the agressivemobs and passive mobs, not separately.
    ##If this is enabled, one of the other two will need to be enabled for this to matter.
    spawned: false

    ##Can players pick up experience orbs?
    pickup: false

    ##Can players get experience at all?
    any: false

Recent Updates

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