NoFlyZone 1.3

Block flying in specific WorldGuard regions + Auto flying in specific WorldGuard regions

  1. 1.3 added support for __global__ to be used in no fly and auto fly region lists...


    Added __global__ to be allowed in no fly and auto fly region lists. If no region is present at the players location and __global__ is in either lists, this will prevent or allow flight if they have permission.
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  2. 1.2 Fixed bug where you could spam jump to "glitch fly", added autofly regions to toggle fly on


    Fixed bug where players could spam jump and keep flying. Now will completely stop the player from flying.

    Added new "autofly" feature where you can define specific regions that will automatically toggle fly on for players with permission.

    Players will need one of the following permissions for autofly to work depending on how you want to set it up:...
  3. 1.1 Changed region list from global to per world. Adjusted detection to be a bit quicker


    Changed config layout. Your region list will be wiped and the config will be changed to per world lists. No need to delete the config, the only thing you will have to do is add your regions again with the new command.

    Code (Text):
    # NoFlyZone version: 1.1 Main Configuration
    # List regions below that will disable players from flying when they enter them

      - testflyregion
      - spawn
      - pvp...
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