NoGlint - Hide Enchantment Effects to Increase FPS 1.0

NoGlint - Hide Enchantment Effects to Increase FPS

  1. Guru_Fraser
    NoGlint is a bukkit plugin created to allow players to disable player enchantment glints to help others increase their performance in highly populated servers.

    The aim of this plugin is for server owners to be able to provide players with the ability to control what they see, this will not give any advantages, but will give an optional disadvantage. Players enabling No Glint will be unable to tell whether the enemy has enchantments or not, this comes at the bonus of increased FPS from not rendering enchantments.

    Do note that this will not hide your own enchantments, only those of other players.


    This is the only command, but this controls whether or not the player has glint enabled or disabled. Running this will toggle between showing or hiding enchantments.

    This plugin requires ProtocolLib in order to function. Protocol Lib can be found here:

    The source is openly available on github.

    Feel free to submit pull requests with additional contributions.

Recent Reviews

  1. Tristag
    Version: 1.0
    This does exactly what it says :D
    No problems with it! 5/5