NoisyMining v1.0

Play a noise when u break a block

  1. 123keelos
    This plugin will play a CHICKEN_EGG_POP (Volume 10, Pitch 1) noise when any player will break a block. There is no config or permission YET! Works with Creative, Survival, Adventure and obeys WorldGuard regions. There are a lot to be added so this plugin will somewhat get constantly updated

    Planned Features

    - Add a config
    - Add permissions
    - Add commands
    - Optimization
    - More lines of code


    Email - [email protected]
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    Skype - Mr123keelos
    PMC - 123keelos_
    Bukkit - keelos123


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    Hello, I make plugin as you can see. I make simple ones. I can make or edit a plugin for you but it'll cost you a small amount. Just PM, Email or Skype me if you are interested. Remember small plugins not HUGE.