NoItemDrops 1.0.0

Directly pops the item into your inventory! If full, then drops the item!

  1. ServersMC
    ServersMC, DennisLysenko
    This plugin is abandoned. Please message me if you want this project to be continued. (Reason: Low demand)
    Want to decrease entity lag? Well this can help great! The number one thing that minecrafters are doing is what? Breaking blocks! All those entities are just floating there, causing lag! Well this plugin reduces that to the max! When the player has enough room for the item to go into his inventory the item wont be dropped, instead it'll be popped into his inventory! If his inventory is full, then it'll warn him, and the item will be dropped as normal. This plugin is perfect for SkyBlock, those players who are afraid their blocks are going to fall, and they are going to lose them, and perfect for Prison servers, for those players that are getting robbed from foes who are stealing their drops! Well this plugin ends the crisis. This plugin still works well for those players who just dont want to collect their drops! This is a one of a kind plugin that you probably cant find somewhere else, cause trust me I have been playing minecraft before the official release, and I have never seen anyone use a plugin like this!

    There are no config files, nor commands in this plugin! Permissions will be released later on, on the next update!
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Recent Reviews

  1. RainOfPain125
    Version: 1.0.0
    This sounded like an amazing plugin for tons of servers. It's a shame the dev had to abandon it. I haven't actually tried using it because it's clearly outdated and not meant for 1.12.2, though I hope the dev comes back and tries to revive it, or someone else.
  2. JanJed
    Version: 1.0.0
    This Plugin has destroyed my complete Server!
    WorldGuard doesn't work!
    Towny doesn't work!
    1. ServersMC
      Author's Response
      This is made for factions